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Bartender 4

The hotbars in World of Warcraft are arguably the most outdated component of the interface for users. By default, they're wow classic tbc gold
 smalland may not contain vital information, and have many customizing options. You can install Bartender as an addon that gives you full control of 10 action bars that include their size, position, and even their transparency.

If you're starting out in World of Warcraft as a rookie, this should be one of the first modifications you think about. In time, your hotbars are going to be filled and will soon become an unintentional mess. Bartender lets you define the keybindings you want and then position them for an optimal setup. For more advanced users, you will appreciate the possibility to program custom macros that can alter the state of your action bars too.

Deadly Boss Mods

The second major add-on is essential to have, Deadly Boss Mods allows World of Warcraft's tense boss fights a little more manageable with real-time alerts to keep you a step ahead. With this add-on (and the versions that it has to older expansions) activated, users don't have to spend hours memorizing every boss fight. Alerts and camera effects warn you of dangerous attacks or provide simple instructions. Raid and dungeon timers are synchronized with the rest of your group. This ensures everyone is together even the player who disconnects accidentally.

The thing I am most excited about this is a small function that auto responds to in-game messages even when you're engaged in a fight with your boss. This option will let anyone who scolded you know that you're busy and inform them how much health your boss has left , so they can tell if things are going badly.

Alternative: Bigwigs. Bigwigs does pretty much everything similar to what Deadly Boss Mods performs but is less intrusive by default. This is an excellent choice for those who aren't a fan of DBM's loud and intrusive warnings.


The inventory system in World of Warcraft isn't exactly perfect as it is in its default configuration. Instead of having one large inventory, you're provided with separate bags that hold all things you come across while exploring. It's difficult to handle but Bagnon helps to make this issue go completely. It replaces the entire inventory window with one large bag that stores all your items, but the other features of Bagnon are what makes it an essential item.

One of them is that you can examine the items (even when they're not in the bank) of all your alternate characters in your account. Additionally, icons have special coloring depending on the quality of the item and help you identify rare items from garbage. A search engine in the  buy TBC Classic Gold window for inventory makes searching for particular items easier. Additionally, there's always a helpful sorting of items feature, which makes your garbage less messy and helps you group similar items together.

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Alternative: Adibags. Adibags are a compromise between Blizzard's standard bags and the 'one giant bag' design that Bagnon has to offer. The add-on automatically divides the contents of your bag into categories and users can install additional filter options should you require these.

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