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World of Warcraft's Wrath of the WoTLK Gold recently released onto servers, allowing players to return to Outland. The once lush realm filled with the lush world of Draenor, Outland is now something of a shadow of its previous self. WoW players will face tough challenges on their adventures, as well as experience the world's worst sinister aspects. Complete this WotLK Classic and additional activities in Outland will eventually lead WoW players to a hobby they know all too well farming. Similar to most MMORPGs, reaching endgame content features the need for materials, resources and an opportunity to earn money. Fortunately, Outland offers numerous farming locations for players to take advantage of.

Because farming is a necessity to make money, some players may prefer areas that aren't too crowded by other players. These are the form of areas that are barred by flying accessibility. Before being able to reach the most lucrative places, WoW players must acquire the flying ability at his or her respective Alliance as well as Horde NPCs. The ability to fly is accessible at level 70 with NPCs at Shadowmoon Valley. Shadowmoon Valley, with flying mounts that can be purchased at these locations. Alliance players must seek out Ilsa Blusterbrew at Wildhammar Stronghold, while Horde players can get training with Olrokk on the grounds of Shadowmoon Village.

Although WotLK Classic has changed, the locations have mostly changed. The first area that farming players should look for should be the Elemental Plateau. It is, as the name implies, it is home to Elementals of all types. Highly valuable motes of fire, Water, Earth and Air are found quickly in this area and used to create endgame recipes. Unfortunately, this zone can be crowded with gamers who compete for kills despite being gated by the flying. This is because of the various uses of Motes for players. Motes purchased in the Elemental Plateau may also be auctioned off on Auction Houses for high prices because of the high demand. If players want to compete with each other over the loot, then this Elemental Plateau is an excellent choice.

The other location where there is numerous farming spots located in Terrokar Forest. While not all farms of the forest are surrounded by flying, a portion of the loot is worth butting head with players. If the Elemental Plateau be too crowded, Skettis provides an alternate method to acquire Motes of Water and battle Water Elementals. Players should caution themselves around the area since Alluvion may stray too close. Most players would prefer not to face against a WoW boss alone while making items. To the northwest of Terrokar Forest are the Barrier Hills they are a top area for farming herbs which are most commonly used as ingredients for potions. Finding efficient routes through the Hills will increase exponentially the quantity of herbs harvested, with minimal engagements with enemies.

The final spot that can be visited as a flight-locked alternative to Skettis it is Blackwind Lake. It is a place to fight Water Elementals and fishing for additional Motes of Water are both pastimes that can prove quite productive in finding crafting supplies that can be utilized or sold. Blackwind Lake is a unique and valuable fishing location, since it houses Highland Mixed School pools of fish. Players searching for Mr. Pinchy should take advantage of this spot as often as possible. Given that World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic came out just one week ago area is likely to remain inaccessible.

World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King Classic utilizes many aspects of Outland's map, which allows players to gather the necessary materials in many different places. Fighting with other players over farm areas is always a possibility but players who master the flying ability should be able to limit the competition in the earlier weeks of cheap WoTLK Classic Gold release. The Outland map is filled with farming zones which players can to utilize them to the fullest effect for the Horde either for the Horde or Alliance.

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