The final Rethramis Cooking recipe is a bit of a grind to attain from Skyzhay's blog

If you open up your inventory and Lost Ark Gold then hover around the piece, you'll be able to right-click to add this item to your Adventurer's Tome now, the item description asks the user "to wait". Allow this item to sit in your inventory longer, and when return to it then your "rare" 499 year old Mera Wine will be aged into a legendary 500 Years Old Mera Wine.

A split-image of a player playing flute for Seria in addition to Rapport NPC Seria reward items

The final Rethramis Cooking recipe is a bit of a grind to attain. You will need to attain the maximum Rapport rank with Siera (Trusted) rank - and be able to redeem one of Siera's most recent Rapport benefits: Special Potato. Examining this item in your inventory will display an item that appears to have face... appearance? The description reads, "A potato exuding holy energy. Eat a piece before you meet anyone else."

The act of touching it turns it into the legendary "Holy Potato with Teeth Marks" that could be added on to the Adventurer's Tome. Apparently, this potato is thought as a holy object because the mark on it appears to be Regulus' face. It's a shame you didn't take an enormous, loud bite of it.

Lost Ark's class design is impressive, and it cannot wait to prove that
Few elements in an action RPG buy Lost Ark Gold are as important as an effective class design, providing players with unique choices to fit their own game style isn't an easy task. This is precisely why the classes in Lost Ark special. This new(ish) MMOARPG created by developers Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG has not just amazing classes and incredible combat, but also showcases those classes better than many games. It gives players plenty of ways to create new characters without excessive grinding.

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