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While flagging these OSRS Gold may not be sensible, we might be able by adding information to boost our Account Support Wiki webpages. The RuneScape Wiki has some fantastic information in regard to such scams in addition to many others which are located out and inside of Runescape. Yes, those who remark connected to the sub them, but in some cases keep it on the other and only they tend to delete the post here. If a response does not work a warning that appears before posting? We all know of the bottom to the OSRS sub in the Partn... more
Wuyahong Jul 20 · Tags: osrs fire cape
I believe it is intriguing that people use this exact same debate like it's any merit when a game making millions of  OSRS Fire Cape dollars a year can't just do both or something? Like Jagex has not done this before? Like is it hopeless or something? I'm perplexed. It doesn't need to be just one or another. They're able to do both. They can't do both in precisely the exact same time as doing just 1. Time spent making'HD' resources is time NOT spent on further game updates. They have done it before but it turned out to be a MASS... more
Wuyahong Jun 15 · Tags: osrs fire cape