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wotlk classic will WoTLK Classic Gold be the 8th expansion of WoW The expansion is set to be released later in 2020. Like the name suggests, the expansion will take players to the realm which is the realm of dead. Contrary to the other expansions before it, wotlk classic will actually lower the cap on levels to 60 which is a reduction from 120 in a unique new twist. The players can start playing wotlk classic to see for themselves through the beta. The wotlk classic expansion of WoW gives you A Major Decision to Make Alongside ... more
World of Warcraft's Wrath of the WoTLK Gold recently released onto servers, allowing players to return to Outland. The once lush realm filled with the lush world of Draenor, Outland is now something of a shadow of its previous self. WoW players will face tough challenges on their adventures, as well as experience the world's worst sinister aspects. Complete this WotLK Classic and additional activities in Outland will eventually lead WoW players to a hobby they know all too well farming. Similar to most MMORPGs, reaching endgame conte... more