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More details will WoTLK Classic Gold be shared in the near future. Time-wise, it's a ways off and will happen after the release of Naxxramas in Season of Mastery. Naxxramas raiders will have time to breathe prior to the event kicking off. A long-awaited Wrath of the Lich King WoW WoTLK Classic is coming later this year. It will include a an updated level cap and Northrend, the world of Northrend, Death Knights and lots more. When it goes live in 2022 This finely tuned re-release of the hit 2008 expansion will be offered at no addi... more
Dragon Isles Dragon Isles have been shrouded in mystery since the World of Warcraft's inception, and are only mentions of them in small pieces of dialogue or concept art WOTLK Gold. What isn't known about this magical land is how the dragons were made and transformed by the Titans from being mere beasts to valiant guardians that embodied various aspects of the planet they guarded. All five dragonflights have their roots to the Dragon Isles, but much has changed during their absence. A number of World of Warcraft's expansions ha... more