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World of Warcraft Legion is coming, and each a brand new pre-patch launches with a few new content material. This spherical pre-patch introduces a WoTLK Gold listing of additives and removals. Both of them will have an effect on the gameplay enjoy. So we advocate you pay near interest to those adjustments and put together nicely for the invasion. In addition, you may additionally purchase wow gold reasonably-priced and quicker at P2Pah!   Below you will discover the principal adjustments which can be coming: - New elegance... more
But, without Arthas or an additional WOW WOTLK Classic Gold to command it the Scourge could be a raging beast across the globe ruining everything. Bolvar Fordragon, who was burned beyond recognition by the flames of the dragons and the scorpions' fire, offered to carry such a burden. He donned the infamous Helm of Domination, sealing himself inside the Frozen Throne for eternity, where Bolvar would serve as the barrier between the multitude of undead survivors along with the world-famous innocents in Azeroth. The noble act ... more