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The game Diablo 2 has been played by millions of people over the years, and millions more are still playing and exploring the world of the game. Moreover, while the remastered game will undoubtedly provide us with an abundance of new content to discuss, the question of whether or not Diablo 2: Resurrected will receive any additional content after its initial release is an important one. As a result, TCP/IP functionality has been removed from the new game, which is a devastating blow to the most popular buy Diablo 2 resurrected items ... more
BYEBYE Jan 12 · Tags: 2k22 mt buy
Keith Norris
For all of those who are most looking forward to NBA 2K22, there is once again a substantial amount of information available. This time, 2K provides a thorough demonstration of the MyTEAM mode. Whoever has enjoyed the MyTEAM mode in NBA 2K in the past will no doubt enjoy the card team builder this year, as will everyone else. During the most recent Courtside report, 2K already provided a juicy preview for all Balls to look forward to. With the new MyTEAM draft feature in NBA 2K22, you can put together a team of 1. 3 players from a... more
Keith Norris Sep 4 '21 · Tags: 2k22 mt buy