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Best Splatter Target Stickers Canada tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

we sell Reactive Splatter Target, Pistol Cleaning Kit,cheap Gun Cleaning Brushes,Rifle Cases.the price of hunting gear is hunting gear Canada.

IMPROVE YOUR AIM: Whether you’re shooting 9mm, .45 ACP, 5.56, 7.62, 300 Blackout, or .338, our goal is to provide you with one of the most affordable essential range accessories to help improve your aim no matter what weapon you sling. Well, except for a .50 BMG, because let’s be honest, at that caliber you can miss and still neutralize the target.

EASY TO SPOT GROUPINGS: Locating shots medium to long range can be extremely difficult with traditional black and white paper targets. Each projectile impact reveals a bright fluorescent yellow shot marking that is easy to locate whether you’re shooting solo or with a spotter.

WALLET FRIENDLY: Use the included color matched stickers on each sheet to cover up previous shot groupings to get multiple uses out of a single target practice sheet. And with prices that are comparable to basic paper targets, our products are extremely affordable so that you can devote more of your budget towards ammunition and weapon modifications.

ANY WEAPON ANY RANGE: Whether you’re using a pistol, assault rifle, sniper or airsoft equivalent, our adhesive practice targets will stick to nearly any surface whether steel or cardboard, outdoor or indoor.

These are great patchers. Large enough for any caliber and easy to peel ( that’s no small thing when you’re burning up rage time trying to get your fingers underneath the patch that won’t come up) and stick well.

As some others have commented they scratched kind of easily in this is true but no more than every other patcher with the exception of Birchwood CASEY ( and as far as I know they only have patches with their targets, they don’t sell them separately)

So these are now my go to patchers of choice. I actually think they’re slightly more resilient than splatter burst and because they’re made of some kind of mylar rather than paper they hold up under shots better. I prefer the larger targets to be paper but the patches work better when they’re this plastic material.

I’m not trying to brag but I’m a pretty good shot and so most of my patches lay one on top of the other after a while and I can only use so many before the target area as mush. They simply hold up much better than the paper patches.

I should deduct a star because they are his schedule as the others but considering the alternatives I’m gonna go ahead and give it five stars.

I bought these because I could not get a hold of my usual pasters. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they work! They adhere well, before and after firing. Holes are bright. The backing paper on which the stickers are on is not paper per se, it is some sore of shiny product (similar to tape, but not sticky). My description is not great, I realize, but the good thing about it is that their choice of backing "paper" is more lightweight than traditional paper. Easier to pack in the range bag. Nicely done!

I like these a bit more than the original high vis birchwood casey ones. they stick better, but don't indicate as well. However Ill take sticking to the target versus falling off from a close impact any day. Also, these are much less expensive. The impact indication is about 80% of the original brand. Acceptable for me.

I often use glowshot targets and keep them in my vehicle. I have found that after sitting in the heat the stickers tend to not want to peel off the backing, instead the backing tears. That's very frustrating.

I bought these stickers to try and they do not have that problem. I keep a supply of them on hand as they are relatively inexpensive.

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