Lost Ark Spending an Eternity Together. First Location from aliver's blog

All three of Lost Ark Gold these can be found within Saland Hill. One is located in Aregal Salt Plains. It is located between two wooden barricades. If you're close to the pocketwatch and you see it, you'll be offered the option to investigate. We've highlighted this location in the image gallery below.

Making an Eternity In Love 2nd Hidden Story location Lost Ark

The second location is some distance south. Once you are there it will be possible to see an empty bag. Like before, approach it and you'll get an request for investigation. We've marked the spot also, so make sure to refer to our images.

The final and third spot to check out is just in the direction of the South of this map. The ring can be seen on the ground and if you're close to it, you will be allowed to interact with it. The final chapter of the Hidden Story. Following this, you'll be awarded a +2 bonus to your Charisma as rewards. If you are interested in more Hidden Stories, we've explained how to complete each of the stories in Rehtramis.

Asmongold explained why he thinks Lost Ark is seeing such an incredibly high amount of interest on Friday, after he had a record 400k viewers from his Lost Ark official launch stream in the days before the game began to officially launch.

"This was just completely off cheap Lost Ark Gold the wall I didn't anticipate it at all," Asmongold said, about the excitement of the public with Lost Ark. "I didn't think the game would become that large. [...] I never really thought that Lost Ark would be as well-known as it is and I'm convinced that the reason that people are drawn to the game, this is the most basic truth is because it is similar to Diablo, but it's superior to Diablo. "He added: "It has the visceral combat of Diablo, it's got the depth and system of Path of Exile, and it's got the zanyness of Final Fantasy. There are plenty of gamers out there searching for the next huge game, and that's what a lot of people would like to see. This is what a lot of f*cking people want."

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