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If you're looking for long-distance physical output in previous versions of Diablo 2, Bowazon (bow and arrow Amazon) is without a doubt the best option available. When players see arrows scattered across the screen while still maintaining windforce and shelling abilities, they are often taken aback. D2R ladder items can use the bow and arrow Amazon method, which is the most powerful playing method available to him in Diablo 2 Resurrection.

How to play Diablo 2 resurrected items in Diablo 2: Resurrection, with screenshots and instructions.

In contrast to this, the bow horse was only popular in the very early versions of the game. In later years, as more powerful equipment became available and the perfect Topaz group emerged, the bow horse's stature did not improve, and in fact, it was weakened when compared to the other classes of horses. Even though bow horse is still popular among PVP players, Diablo 2 is always a PVE game, and as a result, bow horse has gradually faded into the background. Archers, on the other hand, have always been a popular choice among some players, so it's worth mentioning them as a viable alternative profession option in this game. The bow horse is approximately 74 levels above the rest of the herd. In order to maximize effectiveness, the main combat concept is to use shelling as the output skill and a female martial god as the meat shield. The female martial god has played a significant role in the development of the bow horse, and she is capable of exerting considerable effort in order to gain tactical space on our behalf.

Bow and arrow ( Skill Description 1) is a traditional weapon.

Because of this, Amazon is heavily reliant on bow and crossbow skills to achieve success, as implied by its name. Due to the ability of the main skill shelling to cause the launched arrows to automatically aim at multiple nearby enemies, Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items PC is determined that the impale effect is the most important factor to consider. In order to maximize the amount of damage done, we must achieve 100% penetration through the use of equipment and skill points. a friendly reminder: I have to confess that the efficiency of the bow and horse school is not quite on par with some of the more mainstream popular schools in the United States of America. Before you can begin to play bow horse, you must first prepare for the task ahead.

In the long run, pioneering can be accomplished with a bow and horse as a long distance occupation. Using any of them will allow you to improve your bow and arrow abilities. When the level is high, it is necessary to use reset points in order to concentrate the points on shelling the enemy.

Similarly to the female martial god mentioned above, the stab skill can have all of its charges fully charged, increasing the attack hit rate and increasing the output.3. Based on your preferences, select the additional skill points that you wish to receive. What's more, they're nearly identical in appearance. After a character's strong point has been sufficiently increased to allow the character to wear equipment, all of the remaining points are dexterity, which allows the character to stack damage, and a body that is physically acceptable.

The equipment available on . com

Suppose the heart of funding is regret perfect Topaz and the heart of Zhu chuiding is mystery-perfect Topaz. In the current version, the bow and crossbow require confidence in the perfect Topaz group. As a result, while the damage dealt by the Confidence perfect Topaz group is extremely high, the fanaticism aura bonus is also significant, and the damage dealt by the bow horse is barely noticeable in comparison.

For a pure physics profession like bow horse to be successful, it must take into account how to deal with physical immune monsters in addition to using the appropriate weapons and equipment. In the vast majority of cases, there are two options. In order to complete the mission, one option is to rely on the mercenary Diablo 2 Resurrected item death knell to help them. In addition to reducing physical resistance and breaking physical immunity, the Decertify curse also has an additional effect of deepening the curse by relying on damage; the other is equipped with a dark gold necklace Scarab of data, which deepens the curse by relying on damage and has the potential to break the physical immunity of the monster; it is preferable to obtain one of them first before proceeding to the more difficult level.

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