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Two new raids in WOW: The Burning Crusade Classic have arrived, and the third season of PVP has begun.

Blizzard recently announced a major update for WOW: The Burning Crusade Classic, and the return of the Dark Temple raid has players old and new excited. It's a PVE raid involving over 25 players, and it's located throughout the instance in Shadowmoon Valley.

The Black Temple is a very iconic raid because its final boss is Illidan Stormrage, an inseparable character that any Warcraft fan must know. If the player wants to defeat the final boss, they need to Buy WOW TBC Gold defeat several other powerful bosses first. Also, it's worth noting that level 70 is required to get into the latest raid, and every character needs to go through the tuning process.

Also, there is The battle for mount Hyjal. This is another equally important breakthrough in World of Warcraft history. It brought the Alliance and the Horde together, and brought two vastly different factions about to face a common enemy, the Burning Legion. In the process of challenging and completing mount Hyjal, players can also harvest rare loot.

The third season of Arena has also begun, so there is no need to panic among players or PVP fans, and everyone can already start climbing the rankings of different levels. In addition, the rewards of the prestige system have also been updated, and if you reach high prestige, you can unlock the dragon mount.

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