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Brass Shell Catcher, Tactical Cartridge Nylon Mesh Collector Casing Catcher tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

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Effectively and easily save high price brass. No need to waste time in picking up brass from range. If you hate policing your brass, this is one to consider.

The springy frame is stiffer and larger compared to other brands, the caught brass won't twist the frame which will not cause ejection failures & jams.

The zipper in the bottom of the light mesh bag is designed for quick shell empty. The upgraded heat-resistant mesh prevent hot brass from wearing/melting a hole when ejected.

Velcro strap design, easy to install with high density soft nylon hook and loop band there is no interference with optics no matter how you mount them.

The shell catcher protects the ejected brass from getting damaged and allows you to reuse those spent brass casings.

Hook and loop band made of high density soft nylon, easily attaches to rifle barrel to allow brass retention and removes quickly to address jams or cleaning issues.

The springy frame is stiffer and larger compared to other brands, the caught brass won't twist the frame which will not cause ejection failures & jams.

Heat resistant mesh will not melt during use and the internal wire frame maintains the bag's shape even when it is full of brass.

There's a zipper in the bottom of light mesh bag for emptying shells quickly into a brass bag or dump pouch you have there to collect your brass casings.

Works great at catching expended casings. No longer have to rummage through grass and leaves searching for ‘em. I empty it after I run through a 30 round magazine of 5.56 as the weight of more brass than that will really pull. I can feel the torque of a completely full bag and it’ll start to pull away from the receiver area a little. Like I said though, this only occurs if the bag is over-filled. Mounting the bag is pretty straightforward. I just had to put some tension on the steel “linear spring” and wrap the Velcro around that.

For the most part this works great, catches brass way easier than picking it up off the floor/ground. Zipper makes emptying it easy. The mesh fabric sometimes melts a tiny bit and gets cases stuck to it, not the biggest issue but it is worth noting. Because it's only supported on one end it tends to droop when I have more than about 1 mag worth of cases in it and that can obstruct the ejection port and tends to cause malfunctions. Stovepipes, double-feeds etc. Would be nice to have some way to attach the back half to the rifle as well but it does make it more flexible in what it can be mounted to if a scope obstructs it. For the price it's not bad.

It caught all 60 rounds of 22 Nosler at the range yesterday. I got to where I left the bag unzipped and all the cases would fall to a nice mound between my shooting bags. I can install it in 10 seconds with a velcro strap and take it off even faster. I don't think it needs to be any sturdier or more connected than it is. If it was sturdier I imagine it would take up more room in my range bag and take longer to install/uninstall.

Product works great. Nice and stiff, it hugs my AR nicely.

The feyachi brass catcher worked very well for me as I used it on 2 diffrent firearms one is my AR15 and the other is my VR60 12guage semeiautomatic shotgun ..the way the cage keeps it from folding allows the shell catch to hold 10 12 guage shells with no issue and on my AR15 just worked perfect held up great for this price it's a must have if you want to start reloading your own rounds..The shell catcher will work on any AR15 style firearms..

I took this to my local indoor range this weekend to test out how well it contains the spent brass coming out of my AR-15 in 300 Blackout (with side charging bolt).

I actually "bent" the metal rod (that supports the nylon mesh) a bit, in order to get a tighter fit against my rifle, and the device captured my brass without incident. Perfectly pleased with it.

I recommend it.

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