Deluxe Cleaning Rods with Multiple Caliber Sizes and Lengths from tony lee's blog

Deluxe Cleaning Rods with Multiple Caliber Sizes and Lengths tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

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Two sets of high quality bearings that won't bind under pressure

Carbon fiber shaft won't embed particles that could damage the rifle bore

Hanging hole for easy storage

Excellent for working tight patches

Comfortable ergonomic handle

Carbon fiber is an ideal material for cleaning rods

Carbon Fiber rods can be bent to an extreme degree and return to their original straightness

Combinesthe best features of stainless steel and coated cleaning rods

Smoothly follows the rifling both pushing and pulling, even while under pressure

This is my first "real" cleaning rod and wow its a night and day difference. I got a new rem 700 and new I had to get serious about cleaning so I didnt mess up my new gun. Never again will I use a cheap screw together rod. If you are going to be cleaning any bolt action rifles and you actually care about your gun you should be using a bore guide. If your using a bore guide this rod Is just barely long enough (bore guide plus 26" barrel) dont get the 36" rod. Also this does .22 cal through .26 cal. I call bs on that, this thing Is more thanstrong enough running real tight patches through my 7mm mag. I wouldnt waste money on multiple rods. This will cleam everything except .17 cal and your muzzleloader. If your using anything else to clean your guns, stop! Buy this and thank yourself later. Seriously, if you can afford guns and ammo to feed em you can afford this. Also I would highly recommend getting a bore guide to to clean easier and more safely your bolt guns. The tipton universal one is real nice.

With no joins in the rod and no capability to embed swarf, well worth the increased cost over the standard multi-part brass rods. Granted, it does take up more storage space, but I feel that's a small price to pay.

Brilliant bit of kit, just right for my requirements.

Got one of these in .22 had to get one for full bore rifle.

Had to get a longer cleaning rod due to a muzzle brake. This one is great. It’s light, stiff, has standard jag threads and the ball bearings in the handle. Is just what I expected and needed.

How people are breaking these is beyond me. Honestly, you’d have to really reef on this puppy to break it. Cleaning a barrel is a push/pull motion, not a lever up and down motion. I expect this rod to last me a lifetime. That said, I’d buy it again if I lost it or wanted to give a friend a nice gift.

I needed a 1-piece cleaning rod for my new precision rifle. I was looking for a non-metallic one so I wouldn't damage the barrel/rifling or the crown. I specifically bought this one because it came with a sturdy tube with endcaps. I wanted to be able to take it to the range in my rifle case and not get things messy. Some other brand rods aren't even shipped in a tube, much less a tube storage with two end caps.

The rod works great. Definitely get a rod with bearings so it can rotate as you push it through the barrel. I bought the 36" 22 caliber rod for my 6.5 Creedmoor rifle. I'll also be using it on a .223/5.56. If you're using a bore guide (which I highly recommend), make sure you buy a rod that is long enough for the barrel plus the length of the bore guide tube. You'll want to have enough hanging out the end so you can unthread the attachment (jag, mop, brush, etc.) before pulling the rod backwards. You don't want to damage the crown by pulling abrasive materials/deposits back into the barrel.

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