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In the absence of prior experience with hair topper application, they may appear to be a bit mysterious to you.  Half a wholesale brazilian virgin hair (also known as a hair topper) is a wig that is half the size of another loose wave bob wig (which is also known as a half wig).  When compared to a full-cheap curly hair weaves, the purpose of a topper is not to completely conceal the natural hair on your head.  Hair toppers are hair accessories that are used to enhance the appearance of one's own naturally occurring hair.

A hair topper can be used for a variety of reasons, all of which are listed below.  Here are a few illustrations:Hairpieces such as half wigs can be used to add volume and body to fine, flat hair, for example.  Toppers, on the other hand, are typically used to conceal and disguise hair loss. . Considering that female hair loss typically begins at the top of the head, a topper is attached to the crown of the head in order to conceal hair loss ranging from minimal to severe.  The fact that biological hair is still a part of the overall look means that selecting and wearing a topper may necessitate some experimentation.  The following are five common mistakes that clients make, and we'll tell you about them so that you don't make the same mistakes yourself!

Creating a blending environment

In most cases, pressure-sensitive clip attachments are used to secure hair toppers.  When it comes to clip-in extensions, these are extensions that most people are familiar with because they have used them in the past.  Clips, while much safer than glue or sewing, are not suitable for use on hair that is too weak or damaged to hold them in place properly.

What is the reason for this? A loose fit is created when a topper is attempted to be secured to fragile hair, and this can result in further damage to the hair as a result.  It is understandable that, if you are already suffering from hair loss, you would not want to further damage any remaining hair.  The topper you choose should not be the same size as the area where you are experiencing hair loss in your natural balding area.  If you want to ensure complete coverage, this is an instance where you should go above and beyond.  When selecting a hair topper, it's important to remember that it needs at least one inch of hair to clip onto before it will work properly.  This hair should also be dense enough so that there is no risk of the clip-in attachments causing additional hair loss after they have been applied.

Continue reading to find out more about blending your hairpiece into your natural hair by watching the video below.

Applications are added and removed through the use of specific processes.

Remember that you should have at least an inch of healthy hair to attach the hair topper to before applying it, as previously stated.  Pressure-sensitive clips, on the other hand, are straightforward to use once you've obtained the proper mounting base for them.  For your convenience, we've created a video that shows you how to apply a topper.

Removement is also straightforward, but it must be done with caution.  If you have delicate hair, you don't want to take the chance of causing damage to your natural hair by undergoing chemical treatments.  Never pull or yank on the topper in order to remove it from your hairstyle.  Taking care not to damage the others as you remove each clip, remove them one at a time.  Following the removal of all of the clips, you can remove the topper from the top of the cake.

Creating a visual style

Is it necessary to style hair toppers before putting them on? No.  Yes and no, in equal measure.  When it comes to the type of fiber used in the construction of your topper, it is entirely dependent on the manufacturer.  When you buy synthetic fiber wigs and toppers, they are already styled when you open the package.  Despite the fact that they are ready to wear, they maintain their appearance even after several washes.

A synthetic alternative does not have the styling versatility of human hair, and even heat-friendly synthetic alternatives do not compare in this regard.  Heat tools can be used to style the toppings made of these materials, allowing you to completely customize your appearance! The best option for you will be determined by your personal preferences and circumstances.  Consider making a mental note of the way you prefer to style your own natural hair.  Is there any time constraint on your schedule when it comes to this type of styling?

A canvas block head for styling must be used in conjunction with your hairtopper in order to style your hair topper.  Attempting to style a topper while wearing one is never acceptable.  To see an example of how a topper should be styled, check out our video on the subject.

Taking measurements and making calculations

What exactly is it about measuring that is so critical to success? Security, confidence, and a more natural appearance are all provided by a topper that is perfectly fitted.  The likelihood of damaging your natural hair will also be reduced as a result of this.  For the purpose of determining the size of a topper, fabric tape measure should be used.  This is a good time to check yourself in the mirror or seek assistance.  In order to begin, measure the area of hair loss from the front to the back of the head.  Then measure the distance from one side to the other.

Your topper will be selected in accordance with the size of your base, which was determined by your measurements.  Examples include the topper Special Effect by Raquel Welch, which has an 8-inch base, and the topper Real by Ellen Wille, which has a 6-inch base, both of which are shown above in the gallery.  Watch the video at the bottom of this page if you want to learn how to properly measure for hair toppers.

Color-Coordinated Arrangements

Toppers are hairstyles that are worn on top of one's own hair and are not permanent.  They do not cover up the presence of your natural hair on your head in any way.  In order to achieve this look, you'll need a topper in a color that complements your natural hair color perfectly.  The color of one's hair, on the other hand, is not uniform.  However, some colors are the same across all brands, despite this.  Keep this color chart on hand when you're out shopping for paint colors.

We understand that finding a hair color that is compatible with your skin tone on the internet can be challenging.  In order to address this issue, we have implemented a color ring program.  Through this program, you can order and receive a professional color swatch ring that will be delivered to your location.  In the event that you are not satisfied with the ring, you may return it for store credit that may be applied toward your next purchase!

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