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BFRB online helps you to stop pulling or picking and take control of your life and your BFRB. It is a real evidence-based treatment and its online, self-directed BRFB program is here and to empower you to become the boss. This program is unlike anything you have tried before and it actually a lot easier than you think.

We help you with all types of BFRB by providing you with,

21 engaging videos which are jam-packed with treatment information to help stop hair pulling or skin picking. Instead of going through slides, each video is engaging and gives you exactly what you need. The courses are tailored to give you step-by-step instructions on how to handle your BFRB. It is the same treatment I teach those I see in my office every day. We also provide worksheets to keep yourself engaged, you’ll be using a series of worksheets that help bring motivation and help you set goals.

Help with hair pullingis a way of dealing with negative or uncomfortable feelings, such as stress, anxiety, boredom, loneliness, fatigue, or frustration. Habit reversal training is a type of cognitive therapy, to is very effective for treating trichotillomania. It is the treatment of choice for this condition. The hair-pulling disorder is a mental disorder that involves recurrent, irresistible urges to pull out hair from your scalp, eyebrows or other areas of your body, despite trying to stop.

Things you can try to help skin picking disorder are,

·         Keep your hands busy, try squeezing a softball or putting on gloves

·         Identify when and where you most commonly pick your skin and try to avoid these triggers

·         Try to resist for longer and longer each time you feel the urge to pick.

You can also try distracting your hands with any number of items including silly putty, stress balls, fidgets, and tangle toys.

Help with nail-biting

·         Keeps your nails always trimmed short, and having fewer nails provides less to bite and is less tempting.

·         Apply the bitter-tasting nail polish to your nails

·         Get regular manicures

·         Replace the nail-biting habit with a good habit

·         Identify your triggers

·         Try to gradually stop biting your nails

The people who feel lows and tend to show who are nervous, anxious, and feeling down. It's a way to cope with these feelings. You may also find yourself doing it when you’re bored, hungry,a or feeling insecure. Most nail-biting is automatic and you do it without thinking.

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