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Body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRB) are intense urges like biting, picking, and pulling that can cause damages. If you check on the internet and around you 1 in 20     people have BFRB, but they can be dismissed as bad habits. While BFRB shares some symptoms with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) they are not the same.

Trichotillomania, also known as trich, is when someone cannot resist the urge to pull out their hair. In this case, a person may pull out the hair on their head or in other places, such as their eyebrows or eyelashes. Trich is common in teenagers and young adults.

Type of therapy that helps in Hair pulling treatment are,

Habit reversal training is the primary treatment for trichotillomania and we help in recognizing situations and replacing hair pulling substitute other behaviors instead. Cognitive therapy can help you to identify and examine distorted beliefs you may have in relation to hair pulling. This therapy will help you to learn and accept your hair-pulling urges without acting on them. Hair pulling is most common in teenagers and young adults and is observed more often in women than in men and it can be mild and manageable or serve and ongoing.

Skin picking disorder is also referred to as chronic skin-picking or dermatillomania and it is a mental illness related to obsessive-compulsive disorder. It is characterized by repeated picking at one’s own skin which results in skin lesions and causes significant disruption in one’s life.

As research suggested the most effective treatment for skin picking is cognitive behavioral therapy, including the specific types of CBT called habit reversal training which is very helpful in treating BFRB. You can even try by yourself to help them to motivate them to change their behavior and avoid the use of shame, sarcasm, anger, or guilt to try to get them to change their thinking and don’t blame them for having problems.

Nail-biting is a habit you will in adults as well kids who have a habit of biting their nails, the common use of the mouth for an activity other than speaking, eating, or drinking. To stop nail biting such as,

·         Keep your nails trimmed

·         Apply bitter-tasting nail polish to your nails

·         Get regular manicures

·         Replace the nail-biting habit with a good habit

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