Lost Ark: The game released a five-minute trailer ahead of its official launch from AnneBullock's blog

A five-minute trailer for Amazon's new MMO Lost Ark features a lot of gameplay, including lessons, worlds, character customization, and more. On February 11, the free-to-play game will be released on PC, and it's already been in closed beta on Steam, where it's very popular.

There are five different classes in the game, including Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunslinger, Mage and Assassin, and there are many more sub-classes. Warrior-type players can play as Paladins, Berserkers, or Gunslingers. Subcategories of martial arts include strikers, war dancers, scrapers, and soul fists. In addition, the Gunslinger subcategories include Gunners, Gunners, Reaper, and Sharpshooters. Mage is divided into bard and sorceress, assassin is divided into shadow hunter and deathblade.

Lost Ark will have multiple regions including Central Europe, NA East and NA West. Players can play with friends as long as they are in the same world.

Created by Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG, Lost Ark launched in its home country of South Korea in 2018 and has since been successfully launched in Japan and Russia. Amazon has acquired the rights to Lost Ark in the West and has invested heavily to localize it. Currently, Amazon is working on its launch.

Because of the four years, Lost Ark has been updated with many patches, and the errors that have occurred have been fixed in a timely manner. Now that it has become a hugely popular game in released regions, I'm sure Amazon will be quite successful this https://www.mmowts.com/lost-ark-gold time around.

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