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The Robot Hero of legend, how I adore him. Numerous people have put in countless hours collecting the recipes and crafting materials that will be required to construct this monstrosity. Being in possession of one is definitely more about bragging rights than it is about utility, but any true Animal Crossing: New Horizons enthusiast knows that the game isn't over until you've collected (and crafted) everything in sight.

So, are there any tricks to making this thing a little bit faster to put together? It's amusing that you should inquire...

What is the Robot Hero's identity?

We're honestly not sure what the Robot Hero is, or what it's even good for... aside from lighting up and shooting lasers out of its eyes, and looking absolutely amazing!

We know that giant robots are a big part of Japanese pop culture, and it's likely that this, as well as the Monster Statue (Godzilla), was an influence on the film. Apart from looking epic while battling it out on your beaches, there isn't much else you can do with them - but that won't stop us from trying to collect the materialsACNH bells need to make them for as long asACNH Items can!

Of course, you could just go online and purchase one that has already been created - but where's the fun in that?

What is the process of creating the Robot Hero? First and foremost, proceed to the Resident Services kiosk to redeem a pitiful 5,000 Nook Miles for the DIY crafting recipe for the Robot Hero - which will print out immediately after being scanned. Then, in order to create this beast, you'll need the following materials, which will be assembled in a multi-step process that will ultimately necessitate three DIY recipes in total:30 Corroded ComponentsIron Nuggets (90 of them)10 Gold Nuggets are available for purchase.1 piece of Gold Armor (which requires a recipe and 8 Gold Nuggets to make)1 Rocket (requires a recipe, 10 Star Fragments, and 20 Iron Nuggets in order to craft).

While the above-mentioned list is extensive, there is an element of chance involved in obtaining the Gold Armor DIY recipe. As with other DIY Recipes, you can obtain it from villagers, balloons, or bottles that wash up on your local beach (we got ours from a random balloon, which was a nice touch). Additionally, getting your hands on the Rocket can prove challenging - the Rocket is one of the recipes that Celeste gives out at random intervals.

What methods can you use to obtain Rusted Parts more quickly? Additionally, getting your hands on the Rocket can prove challenging - the Rocket is one of the recipes that Celeste gives out at random intervals.

The most difficult challenge, in my opinion, is gathering enough Rusted Parts - a task that, under normal circumstances, could take a diligent player around a year to complete with Gulliver or his Pirate Gullivarrr counterpart visiting every other week and only one Rusted Part appearing in the Recycling Bin per visit. There are, however, a few workarounds to consider...

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