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A New World player found a malfunctioning area in Ebonscale in the middle of the forest that allowed the player to fish or even drown.

Before Amazon Game Studios released New World, one of the most attractive elements of the New World Coins game was that players could spend time in the game and do whatever they want, whether it’s from PVP faction wars to expeditions, or collecting resources or making items,this is still the case today. Although the single player of New World will find that PVE content may be quite scarce for some people who do not have a suitable party, therefore, the experience is also limited. However, the gameplay of harvesting materials and using them to make equipment is still very fascinating, and it even provides players with a non-traditional alternative method of upgrading their character levels.

In New World, you can earn some New World Coins for yourself by logging or fishing. Although New World provides players with many interesting ways to play, it has also experienced many problems at the same time. Recently, a Redditor named JustWASD discovered another mistake while exploring the grasslands of Ebonscale.

The player analyzed a post and a video to show the players the problem, that is, a piece of ordinary grass is like a grass pit, where the player can fish. Or, if they choose to stay underwater long enough, they will drown. This malfunction is strange because it is surrounded by a grassy path surrounded by many trees.

JustWASD showed that their characters walked in the area with normal physics on any ground, but the breathing icon appeared afterwards. Although the area is far away from any waters, players can still throw their rods and try fishing in New World as usual.

The players seem to be very interesting in this setting. They even managed to get two fish from the invisible puddle. The physics and graphics of these fish will be displayed on the screen. When the character catches a fish, it will also make a typical New World fishing posture, and the player will unlock the victory related to fishing.

In addition to this error, there have been several exploitable loopholes in New World before, and players can use them to gain specific advantages. One of the most famous, and the content that has been repaired, is the golden copy. However, New World is also using loopholes to maintain territorial control, but this does not include large-scale reporting of enemy players.

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