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Diablo 2 Resurrection is a remake game with a high level of game production. Whether it is game players, game D2R Items anchors, or game critics, he is affirmed. Indeed, it turns out that D2R is a high-quality ARPG game that takes into account the feelings of new and old players. When you start this game, you will be attracted to it unconsciously and move on.

Below, this article will introduce you how to get Titan’s Revenge in Diablo 2 Resurrected.

In order to get it, you may need to rely on some luck, some perseverance, or even you need to have both. Because Titan’s Revenge is a special item that drops randomly, and there is no guarantee where you can get it. However, there are still certain monsters and places where it is easier to drop.

Monsters in Baal on normal difficulty are the most likely to drop Titan’s Revenge, so the best way is to repeatedly defeat him until the item drops. However, this process may make you feel very boring. If you want to find a more challenging place, you can try to challenge the Secret Cow Level or the third act of the entire level on nightmare difficulty. Or you still think that the third act is still very simple. Then, you can try to get one in the later chapters or higher difficulty, but the probability of falling will also be lower. Just remember not to waste your precious time in the ordinary first to fourth act or the first and second act of the nightmare.

Titan’s Revenge is definitely one of the best javelins in D2R, and it can even be said to be the best javelin in D2R. It is very suitable for Amazon, especially Amazon who likes to use a lot of Diablo 2 Resurrected Items for Sale poison and lightning. It will provide the character with the following bonuses: 150-200% damage bonus, 25-50 damage, +2 Amazon skill level, steal 5-9% life, and increase walking speed. Most importantly, it also adds +2 javelin and spear skills that are only available on Amazon.

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