New World: Players use mass-reporting problems to prevent enemy companies from participating in PVP wars from AnneBullock's blog

New World’s massive reporting problem still exists, and it is used to prevent enemy players from participating in PVP wars and winning territories.

One of the reasons why this Amazon MMO was hyped before its launch is that it will become a dedicated PvP game with a lot of fascinating large-scale wars.

Later, the game was redesigned to be more similar to the classic MMO game, which provides PVE New World Coins content for single players and players who like to play with others. However, even though PVP is no longer the only focus, it is still a big problem. Although New World experienced ups and downs within a few weeks after its launch, the state of the game was not so perfect, but the situation is slowly improving.

Players are beginning to find errors and problems in New World's design methods. These problems may have a huge impact on the overall experience.

One of the problems is to report wildly, when players tried every means to maintain the leading position of the PVP game, and get their own territory by letting the enemy union automatically ban the game, this situation even occurred early in the release. Unfortunately, as the player pointed out, this problem continues to this day.

A Reddit user recently shared a post with clips, indicating that there are still large-scale reporters. When talking to other New World players, an anchor suggested that they report the leader of the enemy union or player group on a large scale. This may result in temporary or permanent bans so that their factions can more easily government the required areas.

You know, owning a settlement in New World is a big deal, because the responsible guild is free to Buy New World Coins set taxes for players in the town and can profit from higher fees.

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