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Diablo 2 Resurrected is a remake game loyal to the original game. Its story and solutions are almost the same as the original, so players feel it is both familiar and interesting.

 A feature similar to the original version is the location of the tomb of Talashia in the game. Because its location is always random, it is difficult to find. However, there is a way to find the grave. Although no one can provide the exact location of the tomb, it can provide Diablo 2 Resurrected Runes guidance on how to find the tomb.

First, the player must collect all the fragments on the Horadric Staff and transform it into a Horadric Cube. Players can use it to enter Lut Gholein's palace. The palace will lead to the harem, and players will fight in the palace cellar.

In order to ensure a better chance of survival, players can hire mercenaries at the door. In addition, they can also locate waypoints at this location so that they can travel quickly in a desperate situation. Players must also find a blue portal, which will provide players with access to arcane refuge.

Find the summoner in the arcane sanctuary and defeat him. The diary of the summoner will reveal the true location of the tomb.

After reading the log, open the active task tab on the menu. In the description here, the correct grave symbol will be displayed. This symbol is random every time, and after that, a red portal that can teleport the player to the area containing the Tomb of Tal Rasha will be opened.

Search for tombs in the area and enter the tomb with the grave symbol to find the orifice. If your Hodradic Staff is in the inventory, clicking on the hint will open a doorway, which will trigger a battle with Duriel.

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