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It has been nearly 3 months since New World, an MMO that allows players to bring musket weapons to the magical road of Aeternum. Aeternum is a land full of bears, cranberries and pirate skeletons. In these two autumn months, there have been some errors, controversies and economic crises.

Due to the popularity of New World, it has a very large daily average number of online people, so you have to join the queue to play this game. Moreover, because the New World Coins development team is too fast to expand the new content of the game, many problems have occurred. There has been a problem of copying gold in the game, and the bad situation of supply and demand has also led some players to choose bartering transactions instead of using game tokens New World Coins to purchase items. After some official handling and the departure of some players who could not accept these problems, the number of players dropped a lot.

Scot Lane, the game director of Amazon Games, stated that they are reviewing their tempo. The previous mistakes were caused by their attempts to move too fast. Their goal is to slow down a bit and improve the development process.

When New World was officially launched in late September, as many as millions of players scrambled to join this blockbuster MMORPG released for the first time in many years. It promised players to provide players with a deep player-driven economy and high quality. Player-to-player battle. You know, Amazon is a giant of Internet infrastructure, but even so, they do not have enough servers to cope with the wave of explorers who want to enter the game to line up trees and fight with the undead.

In response, the studio adjusted the server and prevented players from joining an already overpopulated server. One month after New World was released, the studio finally completed the server transfer. However, what followed was the problem of coin duplication. However, the developers took urgent measures to prevent players from using the loophole to disrupt the game balance.

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