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Gerard Pique FIFA 22 Showdown SBC is one of the two Showdown projects added to the Ultimate Team cycle for the first time. It was released on December 4th.

Showdown items are exciting content in FIFA Ultimate Team. EA Sports will award a special item to a player from both teams and will highlight a specific matchup in any particular FUT 22 Coins game. For each item, there will be an initial promotion, and players have the opportunity to get another promotion based on the results. Players of the winning team will receive an additional 2 points on their overall score, and the losing team will not be promoted.

However, if the game ends in a tie, every player gets an plus one. The Champions League game between Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona is the first Showdown SBC highlight.

There are two solutions for completing this SBC. The first is that there is at least one player from FC Barcelona in the team, and the number of best players of the week has reached the minimum number of 1. In addition, the team's score needs to reach 84, and the team chemistry is 70. If the SBC is completed according to this solution, players can get a small Prime Gold Player Pack.

The other option requires at least one player from LaLiga Santander on the team, and the team must have a score of 86. The team chemistry needs to reach 65 and the number of players is 11. The prize is a rare electronic player pack.

As one of the most popular SBCs in FIFA 20, it is back again. Pique's speed reached 22 points, which also allows him to stand out in the top competition. Moreover, there will be a chance to raise the potential two points again, and it will likely become the most commonly used defender in the game.

However, for Barcelona,their state throughout the season has been ups and downs. Xavi took over as manager, and the team worked hard at home. And they are playing against one of the top teams in the world. However, even without considering potential promotion factors, it is still a top-level project.

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