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The latest update of New World brings players new weapons, new enemy factions, changes in weapon balance, and movement speed bonuses using roads.

In this update, there will be new weapons that players have been waiting for for a long time, and it also solves many problems that players have encountered in the game since the game was released. This also makes it the most popular MMORPG released by Amazon so far. Important Amazon New World Coins update.

What makes it very popular is that it introduces the Void Gauntlet, a new smart weapon that can play several different roles. If we invest skill points in annihilating the weapon proficiency tree, we can turn the Void Gauntlet into a powerful melee weapon. If the player focuses on the decaying tree, we can make the weapon more supportive, which will provide enemy debuffs and provide Ally gain effect.

There are not too many enemies in Aeternum's world, but Amazon has corrected this situation by introducing a new hostile faction, the Varangian Knights. These fighters launched an attack on the southeastern area of Aeternum for unknown reasons, but it is clear that they are not doing particularly well with the rival factions. Now many new enemy types of existing enemy factions in New World will be released with this update.

Whether it is the world itself or the missions of factions, many changes have taken place in all this. And the visual effect of the starting area is more obvious. Players who run on the road will get a 10% movement speed reward, and players who participate in PVP will have a higher chance of obtaining rare items. And players can now participate in additional faction PVP missions.

In addition, the trading station establishes a connection between all settlements, which eliminates the need for fast travel near Aeternum, so players no longer have to waste Azoth in order to purchase a specific item.

Since many players have called on the game team to update the weapon balance, this patch does provide players with this. Every weapon in the game has been touched in some way, and Amazon's idea is to make those weapons with low usage rates more viable.

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