New World: Wealth transfer is once again banned to combat the newly emerging gold loopholes from AnneBullock's blog

Amazon Studio again disabled wealth transfers in the New World after another vulnerability spread.

This is not a surprising thing, after all, when they restarted wealth transfer last time, they mentioned in the post that if other Amazon New World Coins vulnerabilities or errors were discovered again, they would still disable them again.

Although Amazon has experienced a lot of ups and downs in the past six weeks or so, the game team does continue to work hard to get the game to function normally.

Today's announcement comes after another re-exploitation vulnerability that has recently circulated. Although we don't know when the wealth transfer will resume, the last time it took a few days, after which players need to keep up with their own expenses and taxes.

After the recent gold rush, Amazon did promise to ban operations that did not comply with the game's regulations, and indeed issued bans and penalties. The other method used by the game team is to first disable family sharing on Steam and increase the level of transaction requirements, and move the initial early level rewards to the game, and discourage everyone from creating new accounts just to create gold.

Although these steps have played a role, it is obvious that a part of the player community is still looking for new ways to gain an unfair advantage in the game, which affects those who just want to play the game.

And with the imbalance and consolidation of the number of servers, these problems have become more frequent, so that the long-term accumulated frustration has caused some losses in the community.

More weaknesses in the system are revealed by this latest exploit. If Amazon can fix it quickly and take some actions against players who exploit this loophole, I believe it will be helpful.

I hope that everyone will not abuse these loopholes in farmed gold. What is created through this approach is just meaningless New World Coins gold, which will make us lose a lot of fun.

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