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For those who are tired of the peacetime nonsense in New World, it will be a great relief to be able to declare war more easily in the game soon. Regarding the issue of some guilds in the MMO that found themselves unable to declare war on other guilds, although Amazon has other New World Coins war-related issues that need to be resolved, they still hope that this issue can be resolved as soon as possible.

Recently, some players in New World found that they seemed unable to declare war on various territories, even though they believed that they had exceeded the 10% threshold for territorial conflicts. But in the current situation, this is difficult to track, so players are often uncertain about it.

Amazon’s New World game team admits that they still have to face other war-related issues, including New World’s incorrect display of the company’s contribution to influence, and because of this, players can see if they should be able to declare war and no. The game team is currently investigating this issue, but no relevant timetable has been announced. Amazon said that they know that players have also encountered problems when choosing a faction level, but they have not yet found the cause of the problem.

In addition, New World Game Studios also published a blog post stating that there are rumors that cross-region server transfer is impossible. In addition, we better not expect to see the minimap in the game soon.

In recent years, many new game types have appeared one after another. MMORPG is not as respected by players as in the past, but New World still opens up a "new world" for itself. Its release was very successful. And its price on Steam is not very cheap, but there are still a large number of sellers who bought the MMO. Achieving such an ideal result is really rare for Amazon or New World.

However, some of the problems that emerged in the game along with the popularity of the game have also plagued many players. Such as the fishing robots and gathering robots in the game, as well as the golden loopholes that Amazon did not expect. New World Coins has also become a scarce resource in the game.

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