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The TBC Classic servers are stocked with all of the content from Classic and also content from the TBC expansion. They WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold also have level 70 Outland stuff as the endgame. But, you are able to still do level 60 stuff. This is where all the classic players are playing right now.

In a couple of weeks Blizzard is launching something brand new called "Wow Classic Season of Mastery." These servers will offer an all-new version of traditional (no TBC content, just 1-60) with some twists. These twists will include "leveling is faster" as well as "raid bosses could be tougher to defeat." If all you care about is playing classic content with none of the burning crusade stuff**, wait for a couple of weeks, and then make characters there

The choice is entirely dependent on what you want, but yeah If you like that kind of first-time leveling experience in which everything is fresh and new, then Season of Mastery is the option for you. Most if not all existing Vanilla servers are pretty much dead. It's mostly used for people to keep their character as a time capsule in the moment. TBC is fine, but it's likely to be harder to join the guild once you've made some significant gains. When the game is released I'm going to try to join SoM.

TBC realms. TBC realms were among the most well-liked, with Classic getting less popular. Although it's unclear what Season of Mastery will make a difference in the end, it's certain to bring some life to Classic.

I was thinking the exact problem, but I'm not sure what to do because I'm stuck in a dilemma regarding playing Classic I'd like to play as a friend in the days of old however, with all the drama surrounding Blizz it's like I'm enjoying the game while my 15 bucks will go to people who don't care about harassing women and employees feels.. Every level of fucked.

This isn't an opportunity for me for me to participate in the ongoing debate on "did Thrall cheat using magic?" This fight shouldn't be ended in this way. Thrall could not have had to utilize his natural abilities.

The cinematic clearly seeks to frame Garrosh as all strength while Thrall being half strength half magic. As their fight continues, the stronger physically would eventually prevail and Thrall will cheap WOW TBC Gold switch to his shaman's magic to prevail.

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