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If I claim that cardboard box is the least used of all packaging containers, you're not wrong. There isn't a single home without one of these boxes. If you're talking about die cut, made-to- orders cardboard boxes, or ordinary cartons that are universal that are all over. From box for shoes and clothing to the massive industrial packaging, these cardboard boxes can be utilized to pack virtually everything and everything. 

Inside the cardboard itself there are numerous kinds, making the boxes ideal to pack a variety of goods. It doesn't matter if it's the traditional plain brown cardboard or one that is printed with vibrant colours and adorned with logos that are easily identifiable there is no way to ignore packaging made of cardboard in everyday life. The ubiquitous cardboard is due to many reasons. Some of them are listed here.

Cardboard is environmentally friendly

The primary reason why cardboard boxes are in high demand over all other forms of packaging is the fact that cardboard boxes are incredibly environmentally friendly. They are completely and quickly biodegradable, and can be easily recycled. It is possible to get cardboard boxes made from recycled cardboard.

As pressure to decrease the carbon footprint of freight increases. Boxes made of cardboard are quickly becoming one of the top options in the industry of packaging . This is due to the fact that people are looking for recycling options that are more sustainable. There is a rising desire to reduce waste packaging and especially the synthetic type.

Additionally, cardboard boxes are reusable to serve a variety of uses. This makes them among the most popular choices for both the packaging firms and their clients. Furthermore it is safe. A majority of cardboard boxes are BPA free and free of synthetic materials. This makes cardboard boxes the ideal option for food packaging.

Furthermore, using the customized cardboard packaging boxes made by Ibex Packaging could aid businesses in building credibility as an eco-conscious company. It also helps them increase sales. The reason for this is that consumers nowadays are aware of the ways their purchasing habits impacts the environmental impact. 

They generally prefer companies that offer their products in recyclable or recycled packaging. This is the reason why a majority of businesses today want to state on their packaging that their packaging is made from biodegradable or recycled materials. This helps them gain the trust needed to maintain brand loyalties.

It's easy to put in your phone

Check out cardboard boxes. You get the most for your dollars. They're extremely economical. Cardboard is among the most affordable of packaging materials that are that are available on the market today. The cardboard used in packaging comes in many different varieties and you can pick the one that is best for your budget. You could even opt to recycled cardboard, without compromising how good your package while cutting down on the cost of packaging.

It is customizable easily

Another major reason for the popularity of cardboard as a packaging material is the fact that it is a simple material to use. A lot of people like the traditional brown, vintage look of cardboard and decide to leave it the way it is. Others are eager to dip it into the colors of their company.

The cardboard boxes allow for any kind of customization, regardless of whether it's in terms of design or printing. It is possible to even choose the die-cut cardboard boxes that are custom-designed by the size and shape of the item.

Furthermore they can also support the inks that are water-based in any shade , and you can have extremely precise colours on the boxes. You can print them with graphics that are specific to your business. 

Both the more intricate graphics as well as the less complex ones are printed on these boxes with superior accuracy. It is possible to use both offset as well as the digital printing of cardboard boxes. Additionally, you can get windows cut cardboard boxes to provide greater visibility.

In addition, you could include features such as locks and hanging tabs that are attached to the cardboard boxes. And you can add handles to the boxes for the convenience and mobility. The custom boxes with company logo also allow for additional printing options as well as finishing coating choices. The options like embossing raised ink and foiling in silver or gold can be applied to cardboard boxes. Additionally, they support the options for final finishing, including the gloss finish matte finish, aqueous coating and the semi gloss finish.





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