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EA Sports gave an overview of the next big patch for FIFA 22. One of the highlights of this patch is that it has made some changes to the gameplay, especially in terms of weakening the FUT 22 Coins AI.

According to the description of this patch, we can know that this update reduces the efficiency of AI-controlled players to prevent high-altitude passes and crosses.

This is a major new change that is very popular among players. Before this patch, when AI-controlled players tried to block high-altitude passes and crosses, they were able to stretch really far. Let the players feel bored.

In addition, in semi-professional and above competitions, teams that insist on AI nerfs and CPU AI are more likely to foul.

Before the release of this patch, players should often find that the CPU will knock the player down without penalty, and the referee's ruling seems to have lost its effect.

For some players who play Ultimate Team squad battles, these AI changes should make them satisfied. In addition, the weak AI makes Squad Battles mode less difficult. This mode allows players to get some extra rewards every week.

This patch also has some other changes, and it also has a non-gaming change, but it is only achievable on the PC. This patch solves some visual freezes that may occur after performing skills during the game.

However, for FIFA 22 players reported that the visual fidelity of the game on the Xbox Series S has been reduced, so far I have not seen any relevant explanations. According to the EA Sports board of FIFA 22 Coins directors, this issue is currently under investigation.

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