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2K has been emphasizing to its fan base over the past few weeks that it will not be changing anything related to gameplay. On Thursday, they announced a minor change to the game's interface. Before you get too worked up about it, this modification to the effectiveness of a few badges appears to make logical sense. While it has been referred to as a "minor" change, it has the potential to have a significant impact on gameplay.

Here's how 2K's executive gameplay producer Mike Wang responds to the original tweet from the official NBA 2K Twitter account:

How Will the Nerf and Buff of Badges Affect Gameplay?

The defense in NBA 2K22 has been significantly enhanced. However, you may have heard a few 2K players complain about how easy it has been for defenders to steal the ball in this year's game. The outcries have been particularly loud from gamers who believe that characters with the Unpluckable badge should be a little more resistant to players repeatedly pressing the steal button.

Unfortunately, for the majority of players, pounding the virtual rock is what provides the most satisfaction. Because it's a video game, 2K must bend a little to meet these expectations. Hopefully, it isn't too much.

Twitter Reacts to the Latest">Cheap NBA 2K22 MT Update

Following Wang's and the 2K account's tweets, a number of NBA 2K League players and other prominent members of the 2K universe took to Twitter to express themselves. FAB, a member of the Cavs Legion GC, took the opportunity to inform 2K that the Limitless Range aka Range Extender ability is simply not working.

That is an idea that I support. Expending excessive effort to perfect something that will never be universally regarded as perfect is a surefire way to ruin the thing in question. Pinky, on the other hand, does not agree with Choc because she believes the gameplay to be flawed.

IPod King Carter, a 2K Influencer, is relieved that he will no longer be ripped apart by security guards. IKC almost always runs with a big man build:

This is a tricky one to get straightened out so soon after the recent update. Let us all hope that Choc's fears do not become a reality.

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