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Greetings and welcome to my Diablo 2 class guide for new players. Since Diablo 2: Resurrected has finally arrived, you're probably eager to get your hands on some of the game's action. However, with seven different classes to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which character to begin with. Even after starting to take down Fallen in the dark moors of Act One, it can be difficult to tell at a glance which skills will be most useful to you in your endeavor.

There are a few quick tips that will help you get the most out of each class as well. A left-click attack and a right-click attack are the only types of attacks available in Diablo 2. However, you can (and should) create shortcuts for your right-click Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items will allow you to switch between abilities more quickly than that. The letter 'S' brings up a list of the skills {anchor} are currently available at the bottom of the screen. To assign a skill as a shortcut, hover your mouse cursor over it and press F1 through F8. Sorceresses, for example, might want a fireball on the first button, followed by an ice bolt on the second, and perhaps a defensive spell like ice armor on the third. It is still necessary to right-click to activate the ability after you have selected it with the shortcut key. It will take some time to get used to, but it will soon become second nature. After that, it's on to the classes. Here are all seven of them, as well as instructions on how to play each of them, as well as some helpful hints to get you started on creating the best Diablo 2 build for you.

Diablo 2 class guide: get to know all seven of them
The Druid is a multi-talented individual. Friends will benefit from his auras, and he can dish out elemental damage to enemies. But the best part is {anchor} he can transform into massive creatures to deal with enemies one-on-one. You have a lot of options in the early game, but I can't resist the opportunity to transform into a werewolf whenever the opportunity presents itself. With Lycanthropy, you can lengthen the duration of the transformation. Consider whether you'd prefer to be a werebear instead of a human at level six. The wolf is swift and agile, while the bear is slower but more powerful and tougher. The Druid's elemental spells appear to be fantastic, but it's difficult to recommend this tree over the Sorceress' ability to specialize in each of the elements individually. The Druid's whirlwind defensive skills, on the other hand, are particularly effective at negating elemental damage, which you will encounter more and more as you progress through the game. With her massive nuke spells and ability to deal strong elemental damage, the Sorceress can be one of the most enjoyable classes to play at high levels, depending on which skill tree you choose to specialize in.

She will have a difficult time reaching level six, however. Until you find a companion to share the burden with you, she'll most likely be running away and hurling pot shots at your adversaries in response to their attacks. If you want to play it safe in the early game, focus your attention on the Ice tree, which has frost bolt and her armour spell. You can use the slowing effect to maintain some crowd control, and you can use the bolt to snipe Fallen Shamans with it. As soon as you reach level six, you can begin spamming Frost Nova, which is a powerful area-of-effect control spell that you can cast repeatedly if you have the necessary mana. Speaking of mana, anything you can do to speed up the Sorceress' mana regeneration rate is worthwhile endeavoring to complete. During the early stages of the game, the Warmth ability in the Fire tree accomplishes this. Generally speaking, ice is dull but safe, fire is flashy and dependable, and lightning is for glass cannons who don't mind causing random damage to their targets. The second option is my personal favorite. This is a tremendously entertaining class {anchor} can specialize in summoning armies and stacking poison damage on the enemy's body. As a starter, you have the ability to summon a skeleton, which helps a great deal in keeping early enemies off your back. However, even though the Necromancer can withstand more damage than the Sorceress, you don't want to put him in any danger at all at first.

While I like to keep leveling up the skelly summon spell so that I can have a swarm of good bony lads running around doing my bidding, it's also worth investing a point or two in bone teeth so {anchor} you can snipe the Fallen Shaman who resurrect their minions when the time comes. Keep an eye out for Akara's merchandise in town. Necromancer wands can provide you with free skill enhancements as well as some lifesteal if you're fortunate enough to obtain one. If you find yourself with a few weapons that are only available to other classes, it may be worthwhile to trade them in to Akara in exchange for a wand you like. Choosing the Barbarian as your first character is a no-brainer at the start of the game. There's a good reason why he's prominently displayed on the character selection screen. He's tough, he hits hard, and he's surprisingly quick for someone his size. In addition, his Leap ability is extremely entertaining, whether used to charge into a horde or escape a mob in order to chug a healing potion. It is one of the (many) compelling reasons to play a Barbarian {anchor} they are capable of mastering a wide range of weapons. However, while most other classes require you to use a specific set of specialized weapons in order to make the best use of their abilities, the Barbarian is capable of excelling with virtually any close-combat weapon available. The Barbarian can simply wade or leap his way towards them and dispatch them in an instant if you really want to snipe important characters.

In the beginning of the game, the Amazon isn't the most enjoyable character to play, but she eventually gains a nice range of elemental attacks and the ability to use javelins in close combat or at range. Given that you start with a javelin and that you'll be using it for the first few dungeons, it's safe to say that you'll be using it for the first few dungeons as well. Assign the throw attack to your right-click attack and use it to spear the Fallen Shaman with the spear. You have a limited number of javelins to throw, but don't be concerned about running out. Visit the vendor at the top-left of town to purchase more (he sells them for significantly less than the rest of the vendors). You will receive approximately 50 per purchase Diablo 2 items, and they will auto-refill if you run out, ensuring that you will not be caught off guard while reorganizing your inventory in the middle of a combat situation.

The Assassin is a technical class that possesses exceptional speed and dexterity. It was introduced in the Lord of Destruction expansion. Her traps are capable of dealing with large groups of enemies when combined with other abilities, but in the early game she'll be sprinting up and hitting things at breakneck speed. The most frustrating aspect of the class in the early game is the fact that you have to rely on claw weapon drops in order to take advantage of Claw Mastery's abilities to survive. You can't go wrong with Burst of Speed, which is located in the same tree as the other two options. The increase in attack speed has a significant impact on the Assassin's damage-per-second output. The Fire Blast skill from the Trap tree is her primary ranged skill in the beginning, and due to its small area of effect and slow throw speed, it is an inconvenient way to deal with Fallen Shaman and other important heroes in a mob. Instead, you'll have to charge up to them and stab them in the back.

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