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Amazon's massively multiplayer online game New World has been a resounding success by all accounts, but at the expense of players, the game's servers have been overwhelmed. Amazon has been adding new servers on a continuous basis to alleviate the lag and queue times that were reported when the game first launched; however, only newer players or characters are able to take advantage of these improvements. Those server transfers were originally scheduled to arrive last week, but Amazon has decided to push them back to next week. As community manager TrevzorFTW explains in a new blog post, "During our testing, we discovered some edge cases where the transfer experience did not meet our standards for its release."

At the very least, the post goes into great detail about how the server transfers will actually function. All of the player's progress, inventory, currency, and housing can be transferred, with the exception of the player's Company membership and Friends List, which are the only things that cannot be transferred. Most importantly, Amazon will only provide one free server transfer token, which is perhaps the most important point to remember. You can read our review of new world coins right here to see if it's a good idea to go ahead with it.

Players are divided into three factions in New World; these groups are perpetually at war with one another over control of various zones. If a company owns land, it can profit from taxes collected from players who trade items or use the company's crafting stations, whereas companies without land must rely primarily on the generosity of their members to make a profit. The only problem is that companies must operate on a high level of trust because there is nothing to prevent company leadership from fleeing with all of the gold.

Paradoggs goes on to explain that he was a member of an unnamed company on Heracleion, one of {anchor}'s many servers, and that he had recently lost a war against another one of the game's factions on the same server. Because winning wars was clearly not this individual's strong suit, this was the last chance for this corporation to acquire land. According to Paradoggs, 200 players contributed to fill the company's coffers to the tune of approximately 60,000 gold, which is an unfathomably large sum for most players. That's when Paradoggs' guild leader emptied all of the money from his character's wallet and vanished into the distance.

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