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Continuing our comprehensive guide to animals through new horizons, we will now turn our attention to flowers. In addition to the obvious aesthetics, there is a very important part of the game to consider. It's not just about the flowers in your garden, because flowers can cross pollinate with other species, attracting insects, and even spawning new species. All of the information about flowers can be found in this section. Therefore, you now have some pointers on this subject, and we encourage you to explore these pages further. This list will be updated on a regular basis to reflect current events and news. As a result, we've included our special recommendations in this list. However, we have included some helpful hints below.

Why is it important to have flowers in your New Horizons?
This is a legitimate question to be asked. Flowers, after all, are far more than just a decorative element for many people. In fact, flowers aren't going to save you any animal crossing bell (basic and mixed flowers sell for 40 and 80 clocks per unit, respectively), but they will be used mostly for your beb ê topedics.

Insects are the primary source of this problem. In fact, the presence of flowers encourages insects to land on the flowers. This gives you the opportunity to add to your list or sell it in order to earn money. However, please keep in mind that insects will only be found on specific flowers, particularly crucifers. As a result, it is critical to maintain a small garden.

Flower varieties are classified into four categories.
It is important to understand that the perianth is divided into two independent groups.

The most basic flower
These are flowers that can be found everywhere and that can be obtained right here on our island, or on the mysterious island in the distance. They are able to: yellow race sensation off-white

Flower hybrids are a type of hybrid.
These are the flowers that must be fashioned from the cross in order for it to be complete. You can create a third species by crossing two different species. Listed below is a potential list of hybrid flowers:
orange, rose, green, violet, blue, and black

Once you have hybrid flowers, you will be able to plant them more easily throughout the island. Logic dictates that in order to cross them, you must use two primary colors.

The flowering plant's seed
If every flower has a distinct color, it is also a member of a particular species. As a result, each ACNH item can have a variety of colors. When the new vision of the animal forest was unveiled, there were eight different kinds of flowers, which were as follows:
The concept of a universe populated by sea anemones

Tulips, Lily Hyacinths, and Roses

Chrysanthemums are a type of flower.
You should be aware that, similar to fruit trees, there will be native species on your island that you should be familiar with. As a result, you will not be able to spend all of your money at once. You'll have to travel to your neighbor's house or to a mysterious island in order to collect other types of flowers.

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