Nvidia prepares for deep learning Anti-Aliasing Debut with Elder Scrolls Online update from YYJJJ's blog

Nvidia has always stated that DLSS software has significant advantages in graphics improvements. GPU benchmarking hierarchy. DLSS uses the embedded Tensor Cores available in the Nvidia RTX graphics card to run artificial intelligence algorithms to increase and enhance the frame rate of the game. These can provide better image quality and higher gaming performance. Recently, Nvidia announced the next iteration of this technology, called DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing), which was first supported in The Elder Scrolls Online. Some buy ESO Gold players will get a better gaming experience.

When the GeForce RTX 20 series GPUs debuted, Nvidia talked about a technology called “DLSS 2x”, which should use the same DLSS algorithm. It will use the same underlying image enhancement technology, but skip image enlargement. But DLSS 2x never appeared. Players got DLSS 2.0, which improved quality and zoom options and improved performance. Now they finally got DLSS 2x, which is based on DLSS 2.x and has a new brand.

DLAA technology runs at the original resolution, using AI enhancement algorithms to add extra smoothness to the edges and temporal reconstruction to restore lost details. It is basically the DLSS Ultra Quality mode, using 1x zoom, while the regular quality mode uses 2x zoom. Like DLSS, a dedicated Tensor core embedded in the Nvidia RTX graphics card is required to complete the heavy work, and the frame rate should Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold too much.

According to Rich Lambert, creative director of The Elder Scrolls Online, he said in his Twitch live broadcast that players will not get a performance boost, but they will get absolutely incredible anti-aliasing. Players need RTX 2000 or RTX 3000 series cards to use it. This is perfectly reasonable, because DLAA must do all the work of native rendering, plus an extra pass to eliminate anti-aliasing and apply image enhancement. For games that are already running at a high frame rate, or in games where the CPU tends to be more restricted, this will be the most beneficial. It is very suitable for Elder Scrolls Online. So players can not only buy ESO Gold to get a better experience but also enjoy the highest game quality.

DLAA will first appear in The Elder Scrolls Online and is planned to be launched with the upcoming Deadlands DLC. Players can prepare ESO Gold in advance. Deadlands currently have an ambiguous “Fall 2021” release date, and players can try it on the public test server. Although there are many demanding games, even for the fastest graphics cards, rendering at the original resolution has proved too much, especially when the ray tracing effect is enabled, there are more lightweight games that have been Runs at high fps, and can get better anti-aliasing solutions.

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