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It's mostly because in TBC the items are more balanced and there are multiple options for particular slots. Vanilla equipment is not WOW TBC Gold as memorable than TBC. Yet, players remember broken things like HoJ Reju gemstones and edgemasters, which are superior to any other item that is slot-specific.

It's more complex and nuanced than "they didn't know what they were doing back then". They deliberately designed low-level or final-game bis items that were both extremely poor, in order to allow players to make enjoyable and enjoyable decisions.

Although classic was well-known for its ability to min-maxed through years of knowledge about pservers and brilliant theorycrafters alike, simulations showed us that a lot of the "bis gearing choices" depended on how long your guild encounters were and clear times. Think trinketswaps and threat vs mit, resistance to frost and fire, etc. Further, a lot of junk skips and encounters of the naxx were made more interesting by special items like smokey's lighter, major recombobulator as well as ramstein's bolt. stopwatch with a gnomish cloaking device and the reactivator for electromagnetic gigaflux.

The glasses you are looking at aren't well-informed. Every one of the products you have listed have a location, which is true. However, that's not synonymous with the notion that having 40 or more BoE gloves being BiS an intelligent and smart selection of design.

Forcing every warrior into leather if they want to cause competitive damage also not good "item design". It's even evident that Blizzard recognized that as they had a slight change in the course of AQ and Naxx.

This is why I completely dislike transmogs. If everyone is wearing a similar fashion statement in place the look loses its appeal. I love running past a Tauren Druid in full moon cloth like WTF? It's hilarious but it's also a great idea.

Standardizing the allocation of stats (partly because of better designing classes and understanding what characters need) has destroyed the ability of stat design to create memorable items. All the most memorable items that people talk about today are are buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold not planned for budget: on-use capabilities, high budget exceptions (War Glaives) and honorable mentions to weapon speeds that allow them to make some items objectively more important than others, however without having to budget for them.

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