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Because it's July, we'll be able to start playing NBA 2K22 very soon. Is there anything you could suggest to make the next series of the NBA 2K game even better? Our suggestions, ideas, and wishlist for the upcoming NBA 2K22 video game are listed here for your consideration.

Interoperability: We hope that 2K will support interoperability and allow PlayStation and Xbox players to compete against one another online in the future.

The ability to compete online between players using current-generation and next-generation systems is another feature that 2K22 is expected to offer.

Second Generation Improvements: 2K made some improvements over the previous generation version of the game, but let's be honest, they weren't nearly enough to take full advantage of the Next Generation machines' abilities to render the game playable. Hopefully, by the time 2K22 rolls around, we will have seen significant advancements 2k22 MT for sale on the Next Gen front, and the consoles will be much more accessible.

The MyNBA feature is a godsend, but it isn't without flaws. Carryover saves aren't always possible. The inclusion of carryover saves, or at the very least the ability to import rosters, would be fantastic in 2K22.

We still want more badges, though, despite how good the NBA 2K21 badge system is. There are a handful of Next-Gen-only badges, and we expect to see many more added in the future, but we'd like to see a little more variety in the current-gen offerings.

MyNBA mechanics are becoming more stringent:Crashing was a problem in the previous year's version of MyNBA, and some of the mechanics weren't very effective either. Player progression, in-game injuries, and a few other issues that appeared minor but were actually quite serious remained. We would like them to include new features in the new version as well as ensure that everything currently in the mode functions as intended by the developers.

In 2K, we want to see an improvement in how the guards play their positions on the field. There should be much more that guards are capable of.

Hairstyles for MyPlayers and players for offline rosters: We hope that having access to more hairstyles will make creating MyPlayers and players for offline rosters a lot more fun.

It has been requested by the NBA 2K creation community for years that the game's creative community be given the ability to upload 2K22 MT PC an image of someone's face in order to use it on a created player. A better sculpting tool has also been requested. Alternately, it would be nice if creators could use a sculpting tool that was comparable to the one found in MLB The Show. Just about anyone's expression can be created. It would be incredible to have something like this in NBA 2K.

Keep MyTEAM ticking: The Ultimate Team style mode has been a huge success this year, and the addition of a couple of new modes - such as the Weekend League-Esque Limited - has kept fans on their toes throughout the season.2K should strive to maintain the same level of performance in MyTEAM.

A DRAFT MODE in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM is currently being considered by the company.

Salary-Cap Mode in MyTeam: It's past time for the Salary-Cap mode to make a comeback in MyTEAM! As such, it provides a necessary balance for a collector mode experience that could otherwise spiral out of control.

Two Thousand One would benefit from a one-year hiatus from venture capital. Whoever does not invest their hard-earned money in the game will quickly find themselves left behind, whether it is in MyTEAM or on the Park, where a severely depleted player will be a limiting factor. We'd give anything to be able to go back to the days of 2K11, when we were all about being the best at what we did.

This year's Euroleague season marks the league's first participation since 2017. However, with two of the most prominent European stars in NBA history Where to buy mt 2k22, Luka Doncic and Dirk Nowitzki, potentially front and center for the game this year, we hope that this year appears to be a good year to bring back Euroleague competition.

For Pro-Am, there are no commissioner tools available. 2K does not allow its users to organize leagues while playing in Pro-Am mode, however. This feature, on the other hand, would make it possible for a more structured and trackable feeder league to operate more efficiently. It would be wonderful to see that type of tool made available to help the upcoming players, coaches, announcers, and content creators who may emerge.

This should provide many people with the advantage they require in order to participate in this popular aspect of the game early in its development. Fans will be able to experiment with different builds in the demo for NBA 2K22 MT, which will include a new MyCareer builder in NBA 2K22 MT. The number of different builds that fans will be able to try is currently unknown, but we do know that you will be able to carry over your creation into the full version of the game. This progress will then be carried over to the full version of NBA 2K22 once the game is released in its official form.

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