I've begun ff14, and so far it's good. from Weiweismart's blog

When they made the numbers rise to the point where they had WOW TBC Gold the numbers squish to make them more understandable, that was an obvious sign that the game had pretty much taken its course.

I've begun ff14, and so far it's good. I was an avid fan of FF in the past however, my enthusiasm has diminished as time passes. I play it almost every day , but rarely for long periods of time, and I'm not completely absorbed yet.

The main issue so far is that I appear to have been doing too much running and reading. To date, I'm on level 13 and am hoping to be more entertaining as I climb levels.

The story gets underway around 20-22. There you can get the mount and face your first primal. From there , it's decent until the end at 50 and bounces up and down depending on xpac and patch. Although the content can be entertaining, it can sometimes be boring. The mini-games and other activities are excellent, but you'll need to play at least 30 times before you can start.

It's a lot like how I feel also. It's a great alternative to WoW, so kudos to all those who enjoy it. The fact that it's The Other Big MMO doesn't mean that everyone must play it to fill the hole.

My boner got thrown off balance by this. You're scattered all over the map for seemingly insignificant reasons. Tele here, one line of text, then teleback to where you started. Repeat for 35 levels. With the poor combat, it's a tough sell. Combine this mess and clean up the fight to create a stunning killer.

The most interesting thing is that they've cleaned the game up a bit, they've removed many of the basic game sludge. Personally, I'm not buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold bothered by any of it. I played it quite often. However, I don't have the time to play with my buddies anymore.

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