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Which F2P creature gives the greatest total loot It is not the most valuable single item that you drop however it's the most valuable over the course of RuneScape Gold your long fight against the creature. I've seen many people pick the level 83 cockroach troops in the Stronghold of Player Safety. Maybe Members fighting the "F2P" level 83 cockroach troops get good drops, but there is no way that the cockroaches of level 83 will offer the highest drops during F2P.

So a member finding that the cockroaches give really good drops, doesn't count as a good F2P drop (that's an P2P drop). Many people recommend the level-82 Lesser Demons (in Karamja Island's volcano). They are proud of the headgears made of rune that they have been given as drops.

Although I have received a medium-sized rune helmet from an Lesser Demon drop I wouldn't choose the level 82 Lesser Demons for the best F2P drops. The Barbarian Village Dungeon (Stronghold of Security) has an ankous level of 75 that I believe will give me the most valuable loot.

Ankous drops law runes. The medium rune helm is the best however it's not the most effective. Rune items dropped by Lesser Demons or cockroach soldiers are rare, but Ankous regularly drop high-quality items.Jagex plans to make available all weapons and armour in Dragon as you might already be aware. This discussion is meant to talk about how you envision them looking and what special weapons they could have.

First off, here is an inventory of all the games that haven't been released yet, in terms of Cheap OSRS Gold melee: Warhammer, Short Sword, Hasta, Kiteshield. Wow, this is a shorter list that I expected.

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