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From the mouth of Carcharodontosaurus, the audience can't tell whether it's the blood of Charlie Steas or the blood of Carcharodontosaurus. But it doesn't matter. The demon tyrant, Charlie Steas, had just recovered from his dizziness, and before he could feel the pain coming from his chest, he took another solid blow and fell into dizziness again. Shark Tooth Ciyi chose the meat on Charlie Steas's chest. Another mouthful goes down. There was a blood hole in Charlie Steas's chest, and the wriggling internal organs were faintly visible. Tens of thousands of viewers at the scene could not believe their eyes, the strongest Warcraft demon tyrant in the middle of the Holy Land, was actually nibbled by Carcharodontosaurus! And it was in the case of the first hammer of the shark tooth dragon. In fact, this is not to say that the hammer attack of Charlie Steas is not fierce enough and not powerful enough. The main reason is that there is a passive skill, physical resistance, in the skill of Carcharodon. The hammer of Charlie Steas just now completely abandoned the magic attack blessed on the hammer of destruction. It chose to swing with a heavy hammer, a pure physical attack. You can't blame Charlie Steyas for that. The hammer of destruction weighs a thousand pounds, and with the power of Charlie Steas, it can be said that the mid-level creatures in the Holy Land simply can't afford it. But it is impossible to imagine that the physical defense of the shark tooth dragon is close to the point of going against the sky. Moreover, the vertigo attack of Carcharodontosaurus worked every time, so Charlie Steas was completely reduced to the rations of Carcharodontosaurus. Chest, forelimbs, hind limbs, head,inflatable bounce house with slide, internal organs.. Carcharodontosaurus gnawed frantically at the body of Charlie Steas, like a gluttonous demon. After the forelimbs of Charles Yatus were eaten, the hammer of destruction could no longer hold steadily, and fell to the ground, killing hundreds of miniature demon tyrants, as well as countless dinosaur bone beasts, and finally smashed the ground of the main arena into a deep pit, and the hammer of destruction went underground. Tens of thousands of people watched the shocking scene in midair with horror. The giant demon tyrant,Inflatable dry slide, Charles Steas, is now left with a bloody skeleton, with some tiny pieces of minced meat and muscle tissue still attached to it. The brutal Carcharodontosaurus hasn't stopped yet, and it doesn't even spare this skeleton! Therefore The terrible sound of bones being ground into powder filled the main arena. A quarter of the audience began to vomit, a quarter went into shock, a quarter were incontinent, and the stronger quarter sat in their seats with pale faces, but they never dared to look at the main arena again. None of the audience left, not one, because they had lost the strength to walk. With the demise of the Demon Tyrant, the smaller version of the Demon Tyrant, like water vapor, disappeared into the air. It was time for the death dragon to summon, and countless dinosaur bone beasts disappeared in the main arena. The entire main arena quieted down. At this time, Inflatable bouncer ,Inflatable meltdown, Lin Feng completed the domestication of the second Carcharodontosaurus. The shark-toothed dragon egg was suspended in the air, wrapped in red clouds, and another terrible gluttonous dinosaur was about to show its posture. Lin Feng wiped the sweat, looked at the war situation, unexpectedly only by a shark tooth dragon has solved the problem. Lin Feng looked at Figo with interest. It's all over. Now, I pronounce you the death penalty! Lin Feng does not have any good impression on Figo, just now Figo also threatened to get Kelly, this is Lin Feng simply can not tolerate things. My woman, does not allow any other man to touch, wants to use the crooked brain, dies! I'm still hungry! The Carcharodontosaurus, who swallowed the whole demon tyrant, is still looking for food. Surprisingly, Feige laughed at this time, "The bastard from the countryside, Kelly is mine!"! The victory is mine too! Ha-ha Because Figo has been aging for decades and his teeth are almost gone, he can't turn off the wind when he laughs, which is very funny. Just now, in a flash of lightning, Figo has completed a dialogue with the strange creature in his soul- "Help me, you gave me the gift to change my destiny, I don't want to lose!"! I don't want to lose! Figo hurriedly called with consciousness. He got his wish and got a response. "Oh?"? But I'm going home! There's no more fun. I want to go home. My father is waiting for me. "No, you can't go. You have to kill this summoner and destroy all his Warcraft. You are the strongest!" "Ha ha!"! Of course, I am the strongest. Well, as you wish! Figo got the most terrible aid with the simplest flattery. Whew! A green light came straight out of Figo's head and turned into a two-meter-tall green creature. The appearance of this green creature is similar to that of human beings on the land of Shenguo, but his skin is emerald green, his ears are as sharp and long as rabbits, and there is nothing special about it. The green creature wears green armor, a green cloak, and green boots. Allow me to introduce myself. The green creature said very politely, "Fan Gang, the young monarch of the planet, has lived in Figo's body for ten years, and has completed the unique adult experience of our planet.". Well, there is no doubt that Figo's talent is given by me! At the same time, I am very grateful to Figo for providing me with the environment I need to experience. Please don't misunderstand, I will return to my planet soon, but in return, I will fulfill one of Figo's wishes. That is to kill this. Uh, hehe, kill this country bastard! So that Figo can get the princess as expected! That's all I have to say. When I finish my work, I'll leave immediately! It won't take much time, gaga! (To be continued, if you want to know what happened, please visit diancom,Inflatable 5k obstacle, more chapters, support the author, support genuine reading!) 。 joyshineinflatables.com

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