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On the one hand, Jizhi had only friendship but no love for Mo Xiaoqing, and on the other hand, he had no reason to fight with his host at other people's guest feasts. Besides, as long as he accepted the challenge from the other party, it was tantamount to showing that he was Mo Xiaoqing's lover. This would give Mo Xiaoqing a hint, and he had no intention of accepting it. He didn't want Mo Xiaoqing to hear it and said to Lvzhu with a smile, "My brother accepted your brother's challenge!" Lvzhu was overjoyed when she heard this. What made her even happier was that she thought they were a pair of lovers. Hearing what Mo Xiaoqing said, she mistakenly thought that they were also brother and sister. She was greatly comforted and immediately told her brother. Shi Jizhi said to Mo Xiaoqing with a wry smile, "Why?"! Why do you want us to fight? Mo Xiaoqing way: "How uncomfortable it is to sit alone. Is it not good to play?" Lvzhu told Akaishi what Jizhi had promised, and Akaishi grinned with joy. At this time, another soup was served, and everyone ate a little. The red stone seemed to be unable to wait. He stood up from his seat, smiled at Shi Jizhi, and his feet were like a big crane scurrying in the air. At his feet was a little floating bamboo, and his whole body was standing on the tip of the bamboo. This flying skill is rare in Wulin, not to mention Miaojiang. Mo Xiaoqing was surprised, the heart said unexpectedly Miao people have this amazing kung fu, their own flying skills are not necessarily better than him, the heart can not help but regret just generation of Jizhi promised to fight this matter, if in case Shi Jizhi lost,digital interactive whiteboard, that is his own make him lose face. Thinking of this, I couldn't help looking at Shi Jizhi, but seeing him smiling and still sitting still, I was relieved. Lvzhu walked up to Jizhi and said with a smile, "If you don't know flying skills, how about I ask my brother to compete with you in other kinds of kungfu?" Only then did Shi Jizhi slowly stand up and walk to the small window. When he looked at the situation in front of him, he was somewhat surprised. It turned out that there were dozens of bamboos growing near the four or five Zhangs outside the small terrace. They were divided into three or five piles, and each pile was three or four Zhangs apart. The bamboo tips were as thin as little fingers,touch screen board classroom, and they were still swaying with the wind. If you want to make a perfect flying skill and get on the tip of the bamboo tip, you still have to fight against it. This kind of comparison is really rare in the Central Plains. But Shi Jizhi had already practiced this flying skill to the point of "crossing the river with one leaf" and "stepping on the snow without a trace." Naturally, he had a well-thought-out plan and didn't care at all. He smiled at Lvzhu and said, "It's better than the flying skill. It's cool on the tree. This is the mountain stream behind the building, and there is no one, nor will it surprise the eyes and ears. Lvzhu was very happy. She said something to Chishi, who was five or six feet away from the tip of the bamboo. Chishi also said something. Lvzhu said to Jizhi, "My brother said he wanted to compete with you in flying skills and hidden weapons. Whoever falls into the bamboo will lose!" Shi Jizhi knew in his heart that the Miao people were famous for throwing Miao swords, and this red stone must be good at it, so he added a hidden weapon. But he still smiled quietly and said to Mo Xiaoqing, "Do you have a money dart on you?"? Give me some first! Mo Xiaoqing untied the whole deerskin bag and handed it to him, saying, "There are a lot of hidden weapons inside!"! I think the money dart is too light. I'm afraid this distance is useless. Shi Jizhi winked and said, "It doesn't matter. Look at me!" He took the dart bag and put it under his ribs. "Is that a comparison?" He asked Lvzhu. Green bead smiled and nodded, and whispered: "You have to be careful!"! Brother's Miao Dao is very accurate! Shi Jizhi way: "Thank you, interactive flat panel display ,smartboards for business, girl!" The red stone had untied the silk shirt on his upper body, revealing a row of knife clothes close to his body. This knife coat is a white skin bandage about five or six inches wide, on which there are ten thin leaf seedling knives only three inches long, which are very sharp and dexterous. It is the most powerful thing in hidden weapons. Shi Jizhi was so excited that he was not as calm as he had just been. Seeing that the other party had been waiting for him for a long time, he gave a low shout: "Shi has made a fool of himself!" His shoulders did not move, his body shook slightly, and he jumped up, holding his shirt in one hand in the air and gently touching his foot on another bamboo tip, grinning and posing in a "Taiji diagram" posture. Only this type, has been the presence of three people were stunned, dark praise Shi Jizhi good body top flying skill. As the green bamboo swayed from time to time, Shi Jizhi only touched the tip of the bamboo with the tip of his right foot, like a mayfly playing in the water, swaying left and right on it, but his body seemed to stick to it, so steady and natural. Shi Jizhi stood well, and the red stone was already quite impatient. He waved his arms back, and his body was already shooting at another bamboo. Shi Jizhi also secretly used his internal force to reverse his body to the tip of another bamboo. Both of them, with a very brisk posture, unfolded their footwork on the tips of more than ten piles of green bamboo. Like a swallow wearing a beam, it comes and goes lightly. Under the setting sun, it sees two dark shadows as fast as the wind. Because it is at a high place, the action brings a whirring wind, which makes the clothes sound. This kind of light body lifting kungfu is extremely difficult. When you exercise and walk, you have to carry a breath of True Qi at any time. As long as you can't continue in one breath, you will have to fall from the top of a bamboo several feet high. There are strange stones scattered below. How can you have a life? Therefore, neither of them wanted to speak any more, and both found that the other was a strong rival, especially the red stone, who wanted to show his superhuman kungfu in front of Mo Xiaoqing. Shi Jizhi had stepped on all the bamboo tips within a radius of thirty Zhangs, and was on his way back. Red Stone also seemed to have not risen. Seeing this, he thought there was an opportunity to take advantage of it. He heard a "hey" in the middle of his mouth. He waved his palms in the air and went straight to Shi Jizhi's chest. He himself could no longer stand on the tip of the bamboo because of this heavy technique. His body sank. He had to jump on a pile of green bamboo in front of him. This kind of "split empty palm" force is really amazing, hit a strong roar, Shi Jizhi body in the air did not fall, in this kind of empty air, feet have no force, but see him actually right toe a little left foot instep, both hands flat air a vibration, actually pulled up eight or nine feet high in the air, red stone that a sharp palm wind, is being brushed by the sole of the foot. This kind of Ling Xu pulls out the body, not the internal triad has been integrated, and its own Qi and blood can be raised and lowered at will, so it can be used. However, it is rare in Jianghu to have this skill. Unexpectedly, Shi Jizhi has this skill, and the green bead is so happy that her heart is beating wildly. Her heart at this time is very contradictory,75 smart board, not only do not want his brother to make a fool of himself, but also do not want his heart to have a mistake, only hope that two people can give up.

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