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The soft green light spread in the air, and a strange scene appeared. Perhaps it was infected by the huge breath of life of the Temple of Dreams. The growth rate of the vegetation on the shore increased sharply, especially the shrubs near the innermost circle of the lake. In the crazy growth, they climbed close to the water to the Temple of Dreams in the center. In an instant. The surface of the lake was completely covered by a layer of shrubs, and from the strong appearance of the shrubs, it must be very tough. Strange to say, the bushes stopped when they reached the shore of the Temple of Dreams, as if they dared not go beyond the limits. Ling Xiao took one look at Huang Shuo, the commander of the Black Dragon Guards, and said in a deep voice, "You can enter. It depends on chance inside." Huang Shuo nodded and looked back at the young man in black who had looked at Long Haochen before. The young man in black walked slowly up to him and nodded gently. Zaibao, be careful. "Mmm." The young man in black simply promised, tiptoe to the ground, people have gently floated out, moonlight night, cold amulet and other Demons involved in the action of the strong young people filed out. The same is true of humans on the other side. Long Haochen and Cai'er are at the back of the team. Ten people from each side are heading for the Temple of Dreams from two directions. The shrubs growing on the lake are very tough, and there is a down-to-earth feeling when you step on them, but at a distance of 100 meters, in a twinkling of an eye, the two sides have already reached the shore. Po? The man's name is Po. Long Haochen heard Huang Shuo's words very clearly, and he could not see through the young man in black. However, as the leader of the other side, his strength and ability are probably not trivial. The ten people on this side of the Temple Alliance did not have a clear leader, because after entering the Temple of Dreams, everything had to be done in their own way. The two sides were separated by a clear distance of about ten meters, and each went inside through the gaps between the thick pillars of the Temple of Dreams. Really in front of this temple,large artificial blossom trees, before the rich breath of life but faded, the temple in front of people give a feeling of nothingness, fresh air blow on the face, without any impurities, but also without the previous plant fragrance. Vaguely, it always makes people feel that there is something special here. Long Haochen took Cai'er by the hand and followed the others to the temple. He said in a low voice, "Cai'er, our first task after entering is to gather together.". If you are in danger, don't try to be brave and start the dream gem to leave the dream paradise. Looking at the deep concern in his eyes, Cai'er's mouth, hidden under the veil, outlined a touching arc and whispered, "Don't worry.". Because of you, large palm trees for sale ,decorative palm trees, I will not insist on my own way. Long Haochen hugged her waist, and the two of them really walked into the inside of the Temple of Dreams. They are also the last to enter it. When they entered the temple of dreams, they saw green, boundless green. Come into view, is full of dreamy green, in addition to green, there is nothing else. The soft green light is like the most primitive life, as if it is breathing a slight wave. According to what Ling Xiao told them, as long as they walk into the green light, they will officially enter the dream paradise. Step out, the halo flashes, Long Haochen and Cai'er have disappeared into the green light. As soon as he entered the light, Long Haochen immediately felt a gentle spiritual force wrapping him up, while Cai'er, who had been holding hands, disappeared. The surrounding green was more intense, but everything seemed to be passing behind him. It's like flying through the clouds in a flying Warcraft. Long Haochen closed his eyes and silently felt the changes around him. He found that his mental strength could not leave the soft energy that protected him. Time is not long, suddenly, the eyes suddenly see the light, a subconscious step out, he has come to another world. The sound of insects and birds is accompanied by a refreshing fragrance. Outside the Temple of Dreams. Han Yan quietly walked into the Templar, came to a tall Templar side, whispered: "Haochen has gone in.". With his cleverness and the protection of the dream gem, there should be no danger. Are you going to wait here for him to come out, or are you going to do something else first? If Ying Suifeng and Ling Xiao heard his respectful tone at this time, they would be greatly surprised. Because these Templars are wearing mithril base armor, so can not see the appearance, a deliberately low voice: "It does not matter, I wait here for him to come out.". There are a lot of strong people from the Demons this time. With me, I believe they dare not act rashly. Huang Shuo has felt my existence. He is in a very high position in the Black Dragon Guard. He is the real confidant of the Demon God Emperor. His strength is comparable to that of the top ten Demon Gods. Apart from the Demon God Emperor himself and the two Demon Gods of Star and Moon, none of the others dare to say that they can win him. Without my shock and awe, I'm afraid this guy will make a move. Do you want to continue to erupt? If you want, please vote. If the monthly ticket can be kept in the top three today, it will be the third watch today. If you can be the first, it will be the fourth watch! Ask for a monthly ticket. Seal Throne Chapter 107 Dream Paradise (Part 1) Had it not been for the fact that more than twenty light groups were floating in the distant sky and flying in all directions in an instant, Long Haochen would have thought that he had returned to the dream forest. The green light had disappeared, turning into a pale green ball of light floating behind him. Ling Xiao told him that if he wanted to turn back to the Temple of Dreams, he needed to inject at least five thousand spiritual powers into the light group. After the injection of spiritual power, it will be subjected to the final test of the dream paradise. Only those who pass can return smoothly. The use of fantasy gems is a direct return. More than twenty light balls scattered in the distant sky attracted Long Haochen's attention at the first time, and of course he knew what it was. Ling Xiao told them carefully that these light balls would appear in the spirit furnace of the Dream Temple. They would appear at the moment of entering the Dream Paradise, and then scatter to various positions of the Dream Paradise. Therefore, it is best to observe its position at this time. However, Long Haochen did not follow up for the first time,silk ficus tree, but took a careful look, probably after memorizing the direction of the light balls flying away, he stood in place to urge the spiritual power in the body chalk to rush to his chest.

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