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It was initially, that requirement was not too difficult to meet. After all, most Lost Ark players can get close to earning a full set of  Lost Ark Gold Tier 3 gear during the normal course of playing. However, the distinction between achieving this amount and actually achieving the mark is where the seemingly shady pay-to-win system rears its head.See that it's found out that players won't be able to line up for an Argos Abyss raid when they're at a level that is lower than 1370. 

In other MMOs equipment requirements are more of a guideline than the standard. Players can still queue up when underleveled so long as they're willing to be carried by their friends. As it isn't the way for Lost Ark, you'll eventually need to boost your item quality by sending your gear by the system of upgrading. The problem will begin when you do that.

The higher the level of an item is in Lost Ark, the more resources you'll require for upgrading it. Although that's not really atypical however, it turns out that items with higher levels are much less likely "process" an upgrade attempt. Once a certain level is reached when the odds of success in upgrading are reduced. 

Users can brute-force the system to reach 1370 levels. Argos Abyss raid's 1370-level requirement, but only if they get lucky with their attempts to upgrade and drops of resources, or spend money on real cash to speed up the process a bit.On March 14th, Twitch streamer Asmongold criticised the developers of Lost Ark over this strategy. 

Asmongold claimed that the game's equipment upgrade system that was mostly non-existent before the raid, had become a game of chance. In best place to buy Lost Ark Gold the eyes of Asmongold, many players are likely to invest real-world money in upgrades in order to ensure they can join the raid. Not only that, but he believes potential teammates are likely to pass over players who have outdated equipment in favor of those who have the best equipment in addition, players are likely to soon be encouraged (if not ordered) to purchase expensive equipment to keep up.

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