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  The difference between the raw materials of sus304 and sus316 stainless steel profiles.

  Below, let’s compare the composition and characteristics of the sus304 Stainless Steel Profile raw materials.

  The raw material density of sus304 stainless steel profile is 7.93g/㎝³, and the density of sus316 stainless steel profile is 8.03g/㎝³.

  一. Introduction of sus304 stainless steel profile:

  1, the composition of SUS304

  Carbon C: ≤0.08 Silicon Si: ≤1.00 Chromium Cr: 18.00-20.00  Manganese Mn: ≤2.00 Nickel Ni: 8.00-11.00 Phosphorus P: ≤0.045  Sulfur S: ≤0.030

  2. Process performance of SUS304

  Compressive strength σ0.2=205MPa, Tensile strength σb=520Mpa, Tensile strength δ5=40%, Compressive strength HB≤187HRB≤90HV≤200, Young’s modulus E=194020MPa, Hardening index n=0.193   Various types of indexes in the thickness direction r00=0.936  r45=1.123   r90=0.909    specific heat at constant pressure c(20℃)0.502J·(g·C)-1  heat transfer coefficient λ/W(m·℃)-1 (at the following temperature/℃)  20100500  12.116 .321.4

  3. Coefficient of thermal expansion α/(10-6/℃) (between the following temperatures/℃)



  resistor 0.73Ω·mm2·m-1

  Melting point 1398~1420℃

  sus304 sus316 Stainless Steel Profile

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