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8 glasses of Asgardian ale for RuneScape gold the Innkeeper Innkeeper (OK): Let me fill it. The pumps are pumped by the Innkeeper. Innkeeper (OK): The wall back here is now all on the ground. We need about 25 Planks to repair the walls, along with around 50 nails to hold the wall up.

The Hammer, Saw, Planks and nails can be used on the wall. Innkeeper, this wall looks more attractive. Now, I'll need a new apron. I will require a new apron and glassblowing and molten pipes. It is possible to bring all of this to the northeast bank. Go back to the innkeeper and give the items to him.

The area is almost completed, with the exception of the walls that protect the Myreque base's entry point. I'm looking for approximately 5 Planks to do that, as well as 25 steel Nails. Give the Inkeeper all the items he requests. Innkeeper: I'm okay now. This is the deal. 500gp will be given to you by the innkeeper. Innkeeper: Talk to the guy in the bank.

To continue the journey, go to the bank. It's (Player Name). Your efforts around here have brought the town to life. I'm just sad about the dreary broken glas. So, I'm here for the reconstruction of the town. What will you do? Well, I need 2 Pieces of Molten Glass to fix up this. To repair the glass's booth, I need 2 planks of wood and 25 nails.

Bring the banker your items. It's fantastic. The bank is now flourishing. Maybe these walls could use some work though. You can get me eight more planks or fifty nails to make the walls look more attractive. Bring the other things. This place is better! I'd like to buy rs3 gold have you design me an outdoor candle lantern.

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The Wall

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By MMOgrfy
Added Jul 18



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