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PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One users don't want to be left out of the action. Although NBA 2K22 is still a few months away, ongoing leaks and bits and pieces of information about the game are only increasing the anticipation among fans.

Unfortunately, if NBA 2K22 makes the mistake of prioritizing players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in favor of next-generation consoles, all of that excitement could come crashing down.

With a few tweaks, NBA 2K22 could be a hit with the players.
Every new game brings with it a new wishlist, and while NBA 2K21 was largely a success, players expect even more from NBA 2K22, and 2K appears to be up to the challenge.
Despite the fact that some of these requests may not be fulfilled, here is what many fans are hoping to see in NBA 2K22. How NBA 2K22 mode can be improved

Wishlist for NBA 2K22: What the Players Would Like to See
Bring Affiliations back to the current generation of video game consoles
Affiliations were once the primary way in which the 2K Neighborhood interacted with one another, but this has decreased significantly on current-generation consoles. This is due to the fact that, unfortunately for current-generation players, NBA 2K21 coins only brought back Affiliations for users of the next-generation console.
Allowing affiliations is a great first step if NBA 2K22 wants to entice current-generation consumers to return to the Neighborhood in the game.

Servers that are more powerful
The server load and wait times that current and next-gen players have experienced have been a major source of dissatisfaction. However, there are a couple of ways in which NBA 2K22 can remedy this situation.
For starters, they could set aside dedicated servers for The Park, which would relieve the strain on the rest of the network. Because there are more next-generation players this year than there were last year, you should expect a better server response in NBA 2K22 this season.

Skill Gaps in Recreational Games Have Been Reduced
This is yet another issue that has been brought up for quite some time now. Players have walked away from matches in the past because the skill gap was too great.
To explain, if you're not familiar with the format, everyone is thrown into the same group, including players who have low overall team rankings.
Starting players will have more fun in NBA 2K22 if these skill gaps are reduced, and better match-making will be implemented in the Recreational game mode.

Adding some swagger to NBA 2K22 is essential
The fact that basketball is a completely immersive experience is something we all appreciate. What better way to fully immerse players than to have some genuine in-game celebrations take place?

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Consider the following scenario: you are Russell Westbrook, and you are driving down the lane and putting the opposing center on a poster. Even as you walk away, you can rock the baby to the beat of the Westbrook signature celebration with the push of a button.

New leaks could reveal the cover art for NBA 2K22.
Every year, just as a game is about to be released, information about the game begins to circulate. In the coming months, there is a possibility that the cover art for NBA 2K22 will be leaked online.

When Can We Expect NBA 2K22 to Be Released?
A month or so before the start of the season, 2K usually releases the next title in the series.

NBA 2K21 was released on September 4, 2020, last year, and although it's still months away, pre-orders should be available soon after that.

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