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I'm thinking that they [Jagexcould create a mix of Smithing and Mining Guild. You would need lvl 60 to be able to RuneScape gold join the latter, however, so that those who are good miners or smiths to get in, they should have a door that separates them. Mining Guild Re-Vampedc'mon seriously, some 5 mithril rocks and about 30 coals. 15-20 mithril is best, with 10-12 adamant, 5-10 and 3-4. There is also 8-12 gold. This could make the guild very, very popular and overpopulated so perhaps not the runite part.

Smithing Guild. What are two essential components? That's right, anvils and a furnace. This part of the guild is fairly filled. I also suggest a shop which allows people to purchase or sell ore/bars mined by the smith is able to produce, however since it's an npc shop, the amount you earn from selling them would be less, and the buying price would be slightly higher than G.E. This is to deter those who are not staying long enough and earning so much money.

I had tried posting it on the official RRS forums however, since no one responded, I thought I'd aswell try posting it on sals. My idea for a start is:Zombie Wars.

Now,this will be a new runescape minigame in which you will be transported to the world of a different universe. Everything is as normal except for certain things. Everywhere is deserted and dark there is a spooky mist hanging about and all the towns are run-down and there are zombies and terrifying creatures all over!

It is believed that evil forces have destroyed guthix, Saradomin (and any other gods not supportive of zombies everywhere) from runescape. So now zamorak as well as other gods and gods of evil, have taken over and populated the earth with skeletons, zombies, and many other vile creatures. In this minigame you can only take on enemies and not other players. To facilitate teams to collaborate Multi-combat is available everywhere.

Every game should have at minimum 40 players. Each player is transported to either varrock or lumbridge and then to the city. Every player has to protect their town until the zombies have been eliminated. They will arrive in waves with each becoming harder. When they've defeated waves 5 and 6, the spirits of the dead warriors will transport to falador, where they will join the teams of other players. All of them must overcome "the hive" that is a massive gooey egg-like shape, it spurts out horrible gunk at the players. After they have defeated that, a giant boss zombie appears from it. It starts at level 400, and gains 20 levels for OSRS buy gold each player who remains in the game.

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By Weiweismart
Added Jul 15



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