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There are  WoTLK Classic Gold several ways for players to get Stygia to earn it in WoW WoTLK Classic. The most well-known method is fighting enemies. It is believed that players are able to earn at most one Stygia for each normal and regular elite enemy they kill in the Maw. This is a slow way of Stygia farming , and it can be very frustrating.

Every rare monster a player defeats within The Maw, by contrast it can yield 45 Stygia. Killing rares is a quicker and more efficient method to earn Stygia However, it can boost players' Eye of the Jailer level faster. Of course, there are levels to this, and minor and major rares will provide more Stygia with less impact on Eye of the Jailer than uncommon rares from events will.

Players can also earn some Stygia while farming reputation from Ve'nari. They also get some in the course of completing the daily or weekly quests offered through The Maw, though this will increase your player's Eye of the Jailer more quickly than any other way of farming Stygia.

Players must be aware that every one of these activities comes with some Eye of the Jailer points. Each of the five levels in Eye of the Jailer, the Jailer will send additional enemies in an attempt to destroy the character of the player. In Level 5. the Jailer just siphons off the character's life force each 10 seconds, until they collapse. For each level, Eye of the Jailer requires 1.000 points to get there. Each week's quest, along with the daily quest for Perdition Hold/Beastwarrens, and Hunt complete all require the requirement of 1000 Eye of the Jailer or cheap WoTLK Gold more, which makes them one of the best ways to earn Stygia.

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