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WOW TBC will be released soon, and some changes to the game will make various classes more viable as a result of these changes. Many specializations that were previously considered to be memes have been changed to make them more playable in the game environment.

As the size of TBC raids is reduced from 40 to 25 players, each slot will become increasingly important, and the composition of the raid will be significantly different from that of Classic raiding. Instead of having 15 or more Warriors in a raid, you may only see 4 fighters of a specific specialization in an otherwise well-balanced group of raiders WOW classic gold. However, despite the fact that it is necessary to diversify your team configuration, there are some classes that stand out in DPS meters.

Tier S is the lowest level of difficulty.

The Warlock is the most effective DPS in Total War: Battle for Azeroth. They can provide various curses for raids to debuff boss encounters, as well as debuffs for individual raid members. At the same time, they are extremely effective at increasing raid survivability by utilizing Health Stones and Soul Stones.

Destruction Warlocks will provide the most DPS, and many raids will have four or more of them on the field. The presence of an Affliction Warlock in the raid will increase the overall damage done by the team.

The Beast Master Hunter and the Destruction Warlock will be the most effective DPS in the TBC universe. Given that melee classes have taken a backseat in the expansion, they are the most powerful in terms of physical DPS.

You should expect three to four hunters in your raid, as well as an Enhancement Shaman to keep a Grace of Air Totem in good condition, as well as a Feral Druid to establish them as the pack's alpha male.

In some raids, there may be a Hunter's survival for the purpose of exposing a weak spot. Despite the fact that a specific hunter will cause less damage, the raid as a whole will benefit more as a result of the reduction in damage.

Tier A is the highest level of difficulty.

In TBC, the majority of players will choose Arcane or Fire as their primary spec, rather than the popular Frost spec that was popular in the early stages of Classic.

In the game, Arcane Intellect is one of the most WOW TBC classic gold well-known buffs, and it can help to ensure that the Mage has a place in the raid group.

Tier B is the second-highest level of difficulty.
It is the most versatile melee DPS class available in the game today. They have the ability to deal more powerful damage than other classes with the help of the Windfury Weapon. They will be able to fight hunters and other melee opponents because of the utility of their totem.

A group of Enhancement Shamans should be used in your raid, one for the melee group and another for the hunter group, according to your needs.

Tier C is the lowest rung on the ladder.

They will be able to maintain higher damage values than in Classic, but the Totem of Wrath, which will be given to Warlocks and Mages, will be their most valuable asset in the game.

During TBC, Shadow Priests will provide S-Tier support to other classes. Shadow Priests will be present in a large number of raids to supplement Warlock's damage.

Tier C+ is the highest level of difficulty.

While you may only want to run one in a well-balanced group, you will want them to be equipped with Improved Expose Armor to help support hunter damage.

Tier C is the lowest level of difficulty.

Most of their value comes from their ability to provide the Seal of Blood, which increases a player's damage at the expense of his health.

Tier D is the highest level of difficulty.

The nerf to the way Feral Druids benefit from powershifting WOW TBC gold has a significant negative impact on their viability. A Feral Druid tank can be extremely useful, and it can be used by a wide variety of guilds due to its versatility.

In the upcoming TBC, you will be able to select the role that best suits your needs based on your current situation. This is the DPS Tier list provided by AOEAH for your reference.

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